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    Electric seats - Gremlin

    I have Electric seats in my 05 987, but this probably applies to the Adaptives as well. Quite often, I unlock the car and the lumbar support pump is buzzing away, trying to over-inflate the lumbar bolster. I guess it's trying to reset the seat to the key memory position on unlock. Dunno. As soon as I press one of the buttons on the lumbar control, it stops.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

    Re: Electric seats - Gremlin

    Nope - sounds like a trip to your dealer. Hope it's not serious

    Re: Electric seats - Gremlin

    I have a theory, but it's formed from an observation from my former '99 996 C2 cabriolet.

    Is your car set up to recall your memorized seat setting when you unlock the door?

    In my 996, there was a function "bug" (feature?) that had to do with the lumbar bladder pressure memory.

    When recalling a seat memory position, the lumbar pressure module would restore the bladder pressure to the last measurement taken at the time of memorization. If one were to memorize a seating position while sitting in the seat (normal, no?), the weight of ones body pressing on the lumbar bladder would add to the pressure.

    Now, if one were to recall that particular seating position from the memory when one is not sitting in the seat, the lumbar bladder pump will try to increase the pressure to the memorized value, even though ones body is not present. Without ones body weight pressing against the bladder, adding to the total pressure, the seat pump will be forced to inflate the bladder with only the tension of the seat facing material as a restraint to pump against. This causes the bladder to expand like a puffer fish until it manages to restore the memorized pressure, and finally stops. This sequence of events causes WAY too much lumbar bladder inflation when restoring ones former favorite setting.

    The cure?

    Memorize your seating position by first getting out of the car. This way, the correct resting (non-body-weight) pressure of the lumbar bladder will be restored when the seating memory is recalled while you are out of the seat.

    One needs to memorize a seating position with the same set of conditions as will occur when the seating position is recalled. If you will restore the position while not already sitting in the car, you must memorize the seat position while also not sitting in the car.

    Simple, but effective; ... even though weird to contemplate.

    The solution above may or may not apply to your situation since I don't have any experience with 987 (only 996) seat memories.

    Re: Electric seats - Gremlin

    That sounds plausible W8MM. I'll bear that in mind, although I haven't set the memory for over a year, and it only does it occasionally. I'll have a play later, see if I can rationalise it.

    Re: Electric seats - Gremlin



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