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    Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    Hey guys, found these on

    The guys on the forum say its a replica and stuff..

    I know that Porsche did some 993 turbo cabrio.

    When i was in America in October 2002 i bought car and driver and there was an article about the 993 turbo cabrio and some photos (a blue one by the way) and they we're saying that some 993 turbo cabrio we're built and that many people inside Porsche including the big names in the company didn't new the car was being built.

    I'll try to find the mag and scan it...


    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..


    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..


    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    paulorangelmelo said:
    and they we're saying that some 993 turbo cabrio we're built and that many people inside Porsche including the big names in the company didn't new the car was being built.

    Big Corporation Syndrome: In big companies it can often cost more money and take more time just to prepare a proposal to obtain budget approval for a project than it would to carry out the project itself!

    Problem is, saving companies time and money by short-circuiting their systems could get you fired.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    The car in your pictures looks like a replica. But then again I am not sure. I know one thing for sure though. There was at least one 959 cabrio "built". The owner of a 959 coupe crashed it when leaving the factory and decided to make it cabrio. I do not remember who did the conversion and if Porsche was officially involved. That car was also white and I read the story in Auto Motor und Sport back in the early 90s.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    There were a few 993 Turbo Cabs, I don't remember how many (I have to look it up) but I think something around a dozend or slightly more. Definetely a very rare model.

    To my knowledge, Porsche never built a 959 Cab customer car.
    And no, they didn't retrofit any for a customer.
    So this is a replica, especially when I look at the wheels.

    BTW: my dealer has a 959 for sale, I tried to get him to let me do a testdrive but I think he didn't buy it. No testdrive.
    185000 Euro incl. tax, OUCH. Maybe interesting for somebody who collects cars but I heard how much maintenance costs...OUCH again.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    I know that Porsche made a few exclusive cars for Crown Prince of Brunei but I don't think any of them was a 959 Cab.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    that car is a replica, i've seen an article about it.

    if i recall correctly:

    1. porsche definitely did NOT make any 959 cabs, for anyone, period.

    2. again, if i recall correctly, that car in the pictures is not even based on a porsche.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..


    Porsche bullit in the jear 96 12 expl. 993 Cabrio for arabian clients.

    Best whishes


    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    Definitely a replica....wrong wheels and exhaust as a starter.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    I know for a fact that there was one 959 Cabrio made. Not by porsche but by a tuner.

    I was at the Frankfurt Car show in 1986, or 1989 (can't remember exactly, but it was the show where they introduced the Ferrari F40 at the Ferrari booth).

    At that show there was a tuner that chopped a white 959, and he had it on display. I was 16 at the time, I did take a picture, but I can't find it.

    I agree that this one looks like a replica, but the one at the Frankfurt show was original, but not chopped by Porsche.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    yes, i remember that car too. it was built up from a wrecked 959 that was involved in a high-speed autobahn crash

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    Hey guys!!, there is a 959 Cabrio, here in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Is the same exterior colour and interior colour. The only problem is that I saw it 3 or 4 months ago, 3 0r 4 times. Some friends told me that he is/was a boxer fighter, he also has a Cadillac Escalade (with 20 inch rims as minimum). I think it was a 959 coupé and decided to change it to a cabrio, though its transformation to cabriolet has a exquisit finished!!, and sounds like a beast!!!! very noisy!!, its amazing.

    Re: Porsche 959 Cabrio..

    The one at that Frankfurt show had white painted wheel, and if I remember correctly, I think dark blue interior.



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