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    PCCB ceramic rotors

    My dealer and the local distributor considers this to be the picture of a normal ceramic-composite rotor. Curious what everyone else thinks?

    The feel is not smooth at all. I would liken it to the end of an unfinished piece of wood. Not surprisingly, the pads are wearing pretty quick too.

    More photos here:


    Re: PCCB ceramic rotors

    I did a little research of my own on that issue and got surprising results: the PCCB rotors seem to look like that after some time but I've been assured that this doesn't affect braking safety.
    I really don't know if I should believe it, there is way too little experience with the PCCB to be 100% sure.

    And even if my sources are right: I can't imagine customers would like their brake rotors to look like that after a while.
    I can even imagine those funny moments on the parking lot or at the fuel station when foreigners come over to warn one about the state of their brake rotors.

    Maybe you should talk to this guy...

    Mr. Martin, he's the boss of PCCB development.

    Wonder if he reads

    If not yet...

    ...hopefully soon.

    Re: PCCB ceramic rotors

    Your rotors look normal. There is nothing wrong here.

    This is really not a surprise at all. Ceramic has a very low coeffiecient of friction. So what they do is make the surface a little rough and use (relatively) soft pads. This makes it easier to for pad material to transfer to the rotor and this is what you really have for a friction surface. Pad against pad.

    It is also why you are going through pads very quickly.

    What many have been forgetting is the PCCB system was designed as a street brake system. Not a racing system. I am getting e-mails from GT2 owners asking me what to do about their heat issues. As ceramic is not a good conductor of heat and braking is the conversion of kenetic energy into heat, their si no where for the heat to go, except into the pad and caliper. I have seen pics of pads that look like a blowtorch was taken to them and stories of many boiling brake fluid.

    If you are experiencing this, the solutions are to use a high temp brake fluid and/or increase the amount of air getting to the caliper/rotor. (Or drive slower!!)



    Very good explaination

    very informative it kind of reminded me of my Physics classes in college .



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