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    Autocar: Panamera Turbo comparison

    Another very positive comparison of Panamera Turbo against high-tech BMW and pretty Maserati.

    This review also brings out very explicitly how rubbish dynamically the Maserati is. I wonder why so many people who say they are car enthusiasts rave about this car. Most probably they have never driven it.

    panamera in autocar.jpgpanamera in autocar 001.jpgpanamera in autocar 002.jpgpanamera in autocar 003.jpg

    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: Autocar: Panamera Turbo comparison

    The Maser is simply outgunned big time in this comparision.

    The 760Li would have been a real Panamera killer if it's offered in SWB form, the LWB is just too big.

    Where's the S63?

    But big points for Panamera to offer awd to harness all the power.

    Re: Autocar: Panamera Turbo comparison

     I spent the afternoon test driving the Panamera Turbo and Panamera S.

    Both nice cars, drove very nicely indeed, good steering, excellent (slightly over servo'd brakes), comfortable, spacious and a lot more attractive on the road than I first thought.

    After a LOT of time in the cars the novelty very quickly wore off though - didn't feel too special....

    Better than the Maser and BMW though!

    Re: Autocar: Panamera Turbo comparison

    I was VERY interested in the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS but for the performance this car delivers, it is just too expensive and there is no 4WD option.

    The BMW 760iL is definetely an interesting product but again...too expensive for a BMW and the value should drop faster than the temperature over here in Bavaria right now.  

    Right now, the Mercedes E63 AMG seems to deliver the best sporty limousine value for the money, together with the Jaguar XF-R and the Audi S4. 



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    Re: Autocar: Panamera Turbo comparison


    Right now, the Mercedes E63 AMG seems to deliver the best sporty limousine value for the money, together with the Jaguar XF-R and the Audi S4. 


    If you pay a lot for a high performance limousine, IMO it shouldn't look like anything else. With this criterion the E-Klass super-taxi and the Audi super-family diesel are out.

    If someone doesn't like the Panamera then there is only the choice of the Jaguar. Very good performance and chassis in a pretty body that cannot be mistaken for sales-rep transport.

    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: Autocar: Panamera Turbo comparison

    Interestingly EVO magazine also have a comparison test this month between the Panamera turbo, Jaguar XFR and Maserati. The Panamera ranks last with the XFR winning. They say that if you need rear seatspace the Maserati is the one to pick.



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