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    f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    hey guyss,
    i car is at only 10000km on its second year. and for a while i have a bad braking problem. the pedal starts vibrating after a couple of using the brakes on high speeds. not only the pedal the car starts also vibrating continously propotional to my speed until i think the discs the brakefluid or pads get to their normal temparatures. the thing is i am sure that i did not have this problem before.what are your suggestions. thankss...

    Re: f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    Your front brake disks are warped due to an overheat.ask your dealer to check it but im quite sure you'll need to replace both front disks and pads.If you don't want to warp too soon your new disks you should be carefull with your high speed braking(not too many an a row ), even more when the weather is very hot....

    Re: f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    thanks cooki m.
    but do you think that only warped discs can cause this problem. i am asking this because it happens after an excessice heating. normally the discs seem working fine...
    what do you think

    Re: f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    Well i warped quite a lot of disks on many cars and it always seemed that the vibrations were worst at high temp/speed braking
    .Don't forget that at normal speeds u don't push hard on the brake pedal, and so you can't feel much vibrations.the disk may also warp itself more at high temp and get a lot more normal shape at normal temperature.

    Anyway, if u get a very high level of vibrations it means that something is warped: wheel or brake disks or the tiny wheights on a wheel are gone. try to check everything visually.

    I still belive it is the brake disks because a s u said it gets worst with many high speed braking.

    Re: f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    rather than having rotors that have actually warped, its far more common that you have uneven pad deposits on your discs, which is caused by heating the brakes and resting on the brakes when they are new (when stationary and new and hot the pad material will scar a new disc apparently).

    check out this web site, its pretty handy.


    Re: f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    Hey very interesting , i learned a lot.But that doesn't change much the problem, if the vibrations are there, you'll need to change the disks.

    Re: f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    i guess that is the only solution. tomorrow hopefully i am going to change the disks. fluid. and pads...
    then i will have 10000km until the next vibrations

    Re: f360 modena f1 brake problem helppp pls

    maryokaan said:
    i guess that is the only solution. tomorrow hopefully i am going to change the disks. fluid. and pads...
    then i will have 10000km until the next vibrations

    Or you could read the advice given in the website alexpez gave a link to, and try to avoid repeating the problem......



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