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    boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    Hi guys,

    heres a dld link for a zip file with the scanned article inside.

    its in german btw the numbers are talking for itself (pos and/or neg ). Hope that the quality is ok.

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    1.16,2min Hockenheim
    8.23min Nordschleife
    PASM, 19" and Sport chrono. Normal brakes.

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    do you have info or scans about 987 Boxster 2.7????

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    Sport Auto 5/2005
    Boxster 2.7(PASM,18")
    Hockenheim: 1.17,4min

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    thanks Branimir!

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    In 01/05 Sport Auto recorded a laptime of 1:15.6 at HHR for a similar equipped 987 S. Also Porsche itself claimed a 8:17 laptime for the NS (difference must be the WR-factor ).

    Apart from the pure numbers it's worth to mention that the article speaks with very high respect of the sport genes in the car, especially by comparing it with the first Boxster they tested back in 1997. While the testers have been quite disappointed with the first version of the Boxster (weak engine, tricky behaviour at the limit), the new Supertest reads like a Porsche advertisement

    To sum it up: the Boxster (especially the "S") has developed from the "housewive-Porsche" to a true sportscar and 911-alternative

    Some key statements from the Supertest-article for those not speaking German:
    > Compared to the original Boxster the 987 S feels almost like a completely different car
    > Superb traction (the good performance of the Michelins have been mentioned also) allowing max. g-force of 1.30
    > Smooth engine with no vibrations felt by the driver
    > Very predictable behaviour at the limit (no typical mid-engine snap)
    > "Sensational breaks" (from 100 km/h to 0 in 34.3 m
    with no stability problems even with an emergency breaking in the wet
    > The steering seems to be "developed by Porsche's race department"
    > Overall handling: "a gift from car-heaven"
    > Load change de facto not existing
    > E-gas + SC = benchmark for all competitors
    > very stiff chassis and very few turbulences in the cabin with the top down
    > with the top up not noisy even at topspeed (engine/air-turbulences/tires) - very effective aerodynamics
    > PASM working well
    > Overall driving dynamics on par with 997 C2

    Only criticism regarding pricing (especially options) - tested car with a list price of appr. 68,000 Euro (sounds familiar ).

    Sport Auto's conclusion: the 987 S can't be described as an entry level Porsche anymore (considering both pricing and performance), it's a platform with a great future not to be considered as a "sub-911"-platform, but as a "parallel-platform".

    I'd like to add one personal comment regarding pricing just to put things into perspective: yes, compared to some competitors (Z4 etc.) the car seems to be expensive, BUT compared to the original Boxster of 1997 it looks almost like a bargain: remember the original Boxster with the weak 204 hp engine and a very "frugile" equipment (stock equipment came with steel-rims (!), no aircon, no radio, no PSM, no nothing) costed appr. 40 k Eur in 1997 - a friend of mine paid appr. 50 k Eur for a decent equipped Boxster in 1997. For a little bit more than 50 k Eur you get a stock 987 S today with almost the same eqipment like a "decent optioned" Boxster of the first production year, but finally providing true sportscar performance also.

    Don't get me wrong: some options are crazy from a prizing point of view, but in relative terms the 1997 Boxster has been the real rip-off, not the 987 /987 S.

    This view seems to be shared by a lot of "normal" people (excluding us P-car nuts of course): the annual car-brand survey (conducted by the German carmag Auto Motor Sport by interviewing some 100,000 cardrivers) showed that - according to the perceptions of the interviewed people - Porsche gained points in the price/performance category, but lost points in the innovation category (!).

    Anyway, the Supertest did not reveal any fundamental news about the 987 S to me (just confirming my own observations)and of course I don't base my car choices on articles like that ("there is no substitute" for an own extensive testdrive), but it helped to even further increase my kid-like "Vorfreude" (if that's possible at all) looking forward to the factory pick-up on March 30

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    Porsche-Jeck Thanks for the English translation.

    The 987S has to be one of the best sports cars of all time when you consider performance, fun and price. And The Boxster doesn't evoke the overly self serious tone that 997 Coupes do. Its not a rolling cathederal!

    I wish you a healthy does of Ownership Vorfreude!

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    THANKS Porsche-Jeck for giving us a perfect short review of the article
    For driving your own "Baby" : YOU'RE ALMOST THERE

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    Thanks Porsche-Jeck for the translation. We English are too lazy at learning different tongues! Shows how great the Boxster S is. How much sleep are you getting by the way? Is it 2 weeks to go Look forward to seeing your new baby in April!

    Re: boxster s supertest in german mag sport auto

    Thanks for the translation!! The wait is almost over and IS DEFINATELY worth it in the end. Now go get some sleep



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