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    audi and maserati may work together/VW to buy 50% of ferrari

    dear all,

    just read some strange news on yahoo: audi and maserati have started negotiations about working together on technical subjects. this is a fact, confirmed by an audi spokesman.

    however, italian newspapers speculated earlier that VW (audis mother company) is interested in taking over 49% of ferrari, if alfa romeo will be integrated.

    wow... some news...

    GERMAN (

    Audi und Maserati verhandeln über technische Zusammenarbeit
    Dienstag 10. Dezember 2002, 13:35 Uhr

    ROM/WOLFSBURG (dpa-AFX) - Die VW-Tochter Audi und die italienische Luxus-Marke Maserati haben Verhandlungen über eine technische Zusammenarbeit aufgenommen. Dies bestätigte ein Audi-Sprecher am Dienstag der dpa. Italienische Zeitungen hatten zuvor berichtet, Volkswagen wolle sich an der Fiat (Mailand: FIA.MI - Nachrichten) -Tochter Ferrari beteiligen, falls diese im Rahmen der Fiat-Krise in einen neuen Luxus-Pool mit den Marken Maserati und Alfa Romeo umgewandelt würde. Maserati gehört bereits hundertprozentig zu Ferrari, Alfa Romeo ist bisher eine Tochter der Fiat-Autosparte.
    "Wir kommentieren Medienspekulationen grundsätzlich nicht. Es gibt lediglich Gespräche zwischen Audi und Maserati über eine möglich technische Zusammenarbeit. Nicht mehr, aber auch nicht weniger", sagte Audi-Sprecher Stephan Grühsem. Die Mailänder Zeitung "Corriere della Sera" hatte am Dienstag berichtet, Volkswagen sei an einem 49-prozentigen Paket der Ferrari-Anteile interessiert./cf/DP/cs

    (auto translation by )

    dpa afx
    AUDI and Maserati negotiate about technical co-operation
    Tuesday 10 December 2002, 13:35 o'clock

    ROM/WOLF CASTLE (dpa AFX) - the Volkswagen daughter AUDI and the Italian luxury mark Maserati took up negotiations over a technical co-operation. This confirmed an AUDI speaker on the Tuesday of the dpa. Italian newspapers had reported, Volkswagen wants itself at the Fiat daughter Ferrari take part, if this were converted in the context of the Fiat crisis into a new luxury pool with the marks Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Maserati belonged already by hundred percent to Ferrari, Alfa Romeo is so far a daughter of the Fiat autosection.

    "we do not commentate medium speculations in principle. There are only discussions between AUDI and Maserati over a possible technical co-operation. No more, in addition, not less ", said AUDI speaker Stephan Gruehsem. The May countries newspaper "Corriere della Sera" on Tuesday had reported, Volkswagen was at a 49-prozentigen package of the Ferrari portions interessiert./cf/DP/cs

    Re: audi and maserati may work together/VW to buy 50% of ferrari

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Ferrari and Porsche in 10 years from now on under the same company ownership (VW).

    Re: audi and maserati may work together/VW to buy 50% of ferrari

    could this mean that in the future we will also have a Ferrari SUV?

    Re: audi and maserati may work together/VW to buy 50% of ferrari

    why not ? Lamborghini did this already in 1986 with the LM002

    Re: audi and maserati may work together/VW to buy 50% of ferrari

    I read in an interview of Montezemolo that Maserati's 3rd model after the 4200 and the quattroporte will be a "leisure vehicule" he insisted that it will not be an SUV though.
    Maybe something along the line of an Audi allroad RS6 "a la" Maserati
    Anyway he mentionned it'll be styled but Giugiaro.
    Interview available in one of the recent Autocar (UK)

    Re: leisure vehicle

    "leisure vehicle".. mhmm... maybe a built-in italian woman comes as standard



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