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    Alpina-izing my e30?!

    Hey guys,

    Been looking around as to what direction to take my newely acquired 1986 BMW 325e. Having changed the interior to a tan leather, I think with the Le Mans Blue and all the chrome, I should go for the classic look. I'd like to do many performance upgrades either way but it's more of a visual theme im stuck with.

    Here's my friends 1986 BMW 325is M Technic I black on black, euro spec. M-sport suspension, M Technic 1 body kit, M- sport Shifter, Hartge Headers, Hartge strut brace, Hartge spoiler, Hartge exhaust (straight pipes) and shadow line all around. 16" BBS rims.

    bens e30.jpg




    Or the Alpina look.
    Alpina front bumper, Alpina sideskirds, Alpina rear bumper, Alpina Steering wheel, Apina Instrument cluster, Alpina 17" rims, Alpina exhaust, Alpina engine bore and vinyl decals. I would keep all the chrome around the windows and doors. The end result could be something like below! 


    alpina front.jpg



    Either way will take a bit to source the parts, some more $$$ than others but the end result will be beautiful. But i'd like to hear some opinions on the looks of either one. I'm leaning towards that more expensive Alpina-sation Smiley


    1986 BMW 325e 5spd 2.7L 121 hp (172 lb·ft) Cosmos Blau on Tan leather.
    2005 Ford Focus S, 5spd 2.0L 136hp (120lb-ft) CD silver on grey (sold)
    1986 Porsche 944, 5spd 2.5L 150hp (168lb-ft) champagne gold on grown leather. (sold)

    Re: Alpina-izing my e30?!

    Personally I prefer the first look. I am very partial to shadowline trim. If you want to keep the chrome I'd say go with the Alpina look as it fits better. I think the first car is dead sexy and would look awesome in Le Mans Blue. Either way I'm looking forward to the results!

    Re: Alpina-izing my e30?!

     i like the Alpina look better.

    Re: Alpina-izing my e30?!

    In your situation, I´d recommend the first version. After all, I find both modifications only appropriate on the more powerful cars, to me Alpina badges only belong on Alpina cars.

    I am uncertain to which extend one can modify the 325e to the regular 325i, since the former is set up to deliver high torque, the later high hp numbers.

    Re: Alpina-izing my e30?!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, is the 325is the only one with limited slip? Other than the M3 of course.

    Re: Alpina-izing my e30?!

    I would prefer the shadow look!



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