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    Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    Since buying my new car I have been desperate to install an iPod to upgrade from the standard cd changer.

    Griffin technology have an iTrip gadget which will transmit the mp3 signal direct to the car radio. Although illegal in the UK due to our quaint laws, I would be interested to consider one if the sound quality was good. I have found one review shown below that isn't too positive.

    Does anyone have experience of one and know if it is a decent option until Denison produce a link?

    'As owners of the world's most famous audio player will testify, it can be quite frustrating not to have access to all the thousands of songs on your iPod when you're in your car. However, Griffin Technology, purveyors of all manner of iPod gadgetry, has the answer in the form of the iTrip. This clever device is an FM transmitter that beams your music from your iPod to your car stereo, or indeed any other tuner, without a wire in sight.
    The device, which is available for both new and old style iPods, is a remarkably small and neatly formed widget. It slots neatly into the headphone socket and with its curves, looks very much in keeping with the iPod's design. It draws power directly from the iPod battery so it makes sense to also invest in an in-car iPod charger. Usefully the iTrip will turn itself off when it detects 60 seconds of silence.

    The iTrip can broadcast on any FM frequency between 87.7 and 107.9MHz. You choose the frequency you want by selecting one of a host of MP3 files that you copy over to the iTrip. Though the installation routine insists you have MusicMatch on your PC I got around this by performing the process manually - first by copying the frequency files to iTunes and then creating the playlist. The files you don't need can be deleted.

    Then simply tune your stereo to your chosen frequency, begin to play a track, and voila - you'll hear your iPod's output. Just add some inane DJ patter, and you've got your very own radio station.

    In the UK there is one issue that spoils the party- the iTrip is illegal. Under the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949, broadcasting an FM signal without a licence is not permitted. However the iTrip is available in the UK from Mann Electronics. Alternatively, you can order the iTip direct from the Griffin website. Be warned though that by using the iTrip you could officially be liable for prosecution. That said it's also illegal to rip your own CD to MP3 format but that hasn't stopped anyone yet.

    This draconian law does seem faintly ridiculous when you realise that the effective range of the iTrip is only a few feet. With the device only a metre from my car, my stereo could barely pick up a clear signal. Inside the car though, the signal was strong on my chosen frequency of 88MHz, though it was never absolutely clear. I could also tune into my radio tuner in the bedroom and control my music from the other side of the room, which was pretty cool.

    Purists might balk at the sound quality which will of course never be better that of an FM radio station. This isn't a hi-fi solution but it's certainly practical, elegant and highly effective. Signal strength depends on the quality of your aerial and how much interference there is from other stations in your area and while driving I found the signal varied from good to poor.

    It's somewhat ironic that analogue technology is necessary to extend and improve a device that virtually defines the digital age. But for UK iPod owners who like to boogie while they drive, the iTrip is as enticing as it is illegal'.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    I bought an iTrip a few months back when I was out in the states. To be honest Ive not been too impressed. Sound quality is nowhere near CD but thats not the biggest problem. Dont know where abouts in the UK you are but I'm London and trying to find a frequency that is free for the iTrip is a nightmare. The worst thing is that when you do find one, the chances are that when you drive into a new area it will be used there!! So you have to keep changing frequencys! Pain in the bum!!!!

    Althought to be fair, it is very cheap and a pretty hassle free way of hooking your entire music collection to your car.h

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?


    Fully agree - even in the suburbs of the home counties, no luck with constant reception - even worse when doing long journeys up the motorways...

    However, iTrip is useful for taking you IPOD to parties where you can hook up to any hi fi with a radio wirelessly.


    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    Yup your right, seems to work ok in the house.

    Actually after making the post, I popped out for a quick drive and tried it again.. Couldnt get any reception worth listening to this time!!!! Loads of interference!!!

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    Dension is NOT going to make a icelink solution for MOST bus Porsches, they claim they are going to, but they've been claiming that for 3 years.

    no one can make one because there are many proprietary codes involved, and it is difficult and expensive to do so.

    companies arent going to risk that kind of development capital for such a limited market.

    the iTrip works fine for me.

    i recently stopped listening to music in my Pcars (after 2 years of ALWAYS listening to music).

    its a totally new experience with the windows rolled down.

    soon i will get bypass pipes for the GT3, and i will never need music again.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    The iTrip is a waste. However, the podfreq ( is the perfect solution. I have one for my 40g iPod and one for my iPodphoto. I highly recommend it.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    The iTrip is not good enough for the Bose system. I need a hardwire/fiber optic solution.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    RonH said:
    The iTrip is a waste. However, the podfreq ( is the perfect solution. I have one for my 40g iPod and one for my iPodphoto. I highly recommend it.

    For $100 they better be the best - Do you get static at all? before I shell out the $100 for an FM transmitter, I need to be very sure.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    Does anyone have any experience with the iDrive from They claim they provide the only Apple-approved solution.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    you get what you pay for. Nothing beats a CD, but if Icelink isn't an option this is the best solution without modifying your car. $100 isn't that big of a deal when you consider paying 100k for a car.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    Porsche's elettronic developers are so stupid people...why to produce a such beautifull system for the 997 and don't make it able to read mp3 or to accept an Ipod connection?!?

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?

    The iTrip sounds like crap! I would much rather listen to the music from the engine anytime.

    Re: Is the iTrip the Porsche iPod solution?


    The idea is not being a big deal or not, the idea I do not want to pay $100 for something that'll be as staticy as an empty radio station like the current FM transmitter I have. I want to make sure that it is quality sound only coming through.



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