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    New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    From the car magazine:

    CAR today publishes undisguised photographs of the 200mph McLaren P11 - Woking's new junior supercar that will resurrect the spirit of the fabled F1 but in a new, smaller, cheaper package to tackle the likes of the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo.

    We've obtained three world-exclusive photographs of an early clay model of the new 2010 McLaren sports car, which reveal the Macca's styling direction for the first time.

    Read on for the full story on this landmark new McLaren:

    * We lay bare the design story so far
    * Lowdown on small McLaren's engine
    * Why it has cutting-edge composite tech
    * The full marketing story of Project P11

    So where on earth did you get these photographs of the new McLaren P11?
    We can't reveal our sources, for obvious reasons. But we've obtained three photographs showing the front, side profile and rear of a clay styling buck of the new baby McLaren sports car.

    Our Photoshop experts are satisfied that they are a) genuine and b) undoctored. All we've done is remove the background (to protect our sources' identities) and watermark them (so they're attributed to CAR when they're inevitably republished around the worldwide web). Otherwise what you see is what you get.

    They reveal a low-slung, wedge-shaped supercar that's obviously a two-seater, mid-engined and very, very fast
    When can I buy the McLaren P11?
    The new Macca is still at least 18 months away from production and won't be launched before 2010, we hear. That leaves time for McLaren to finish its SLR project, which it co-developed with Mercedes-Benz and is now in its twilight years.

    The final SLR will be built in 2009 and the project wound up - leaving space and time for the launch of the P11. We'll see the final, run-out SLR version - the speedster codenamed Z199 and scooped here - at the 2009 Detroit motor show, concluding the triumvirate of SLR models.

    SLR production takes up a sizeable corner of McLaren's Woking factory, with space for 30-40 cars in the assembly room and adjacent painting booths.

    Out with the old, in with the new! What else do we know about the McLaren P11?
    CAR has compiled a dossier on the P11, ever since our sensational 2007 scoop on the junior sports car. Concrete information on the junior McLaren is as hard to come by as Lewis Hamilton's race strategy, but McLaren has at least acknowledged its existence. And we've interviewed dozens of suppliers, partners and prospective customers to piece together the jigsaw and pull together the best story yet on the new P11.

    Distilled to its simplest, McLaren is targeting the lower reaches of the supercar market. This car is pitched squarely at the Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo, which suggests a price between Pounds150,000 and Pounds170,000, although one prospective customer hinted to us that the cost could soar above Pounds200k.

    McLaren recently commissioned a Pounds300,000 study to interview potential customers across ten countries and get inside the minds of F430 and Gallardo customers. They hope to persuade such punters to trade up a notch and try out the P11 instead

    Will the McLaren P11 really look like this?
    Our photographs reveal an early styling buck for the new McLaren - so we'd hesitate before saying this is exactly how the finished, roadgoing car will look. Ex-Fiat styling chief Frank Stephenson has recently been appointed to McLaren as head of design and, once his gardening leave is completed, he is keen to fettle the existing designs, we hear.

    However, these photographs are the first glimpse of the thinking at Woking and reveal a wind-tunnel shape that's dripping with interesting details, such as the echo of the McLaren 'tick' logo in the side cooling vents. Our images also confirm CAR's 2007 scoop which correctly predicted how the new McLaren sports car would look.

    Will the new McLaren be powered by Lewis Hamilton's V8?
    In your dreams! Chasing slightly longer service intervals and a less wallet-wilting price, McLaren is turning to partner Mercedes-Benz for a roadgoing V8. Merc has a shareholding in the McLaren group, so it makes sense to look to Germany. We're still not certain which engine will be used, but the AMG 6.2-litre V8 is top of the list. One source suggested it could even be turbocharged.

    The P11 will stick to the supercar-pure mid-engined, rear-drive layout and there will be plenty of emphasis on the links from F1 to road. We know the new McLaren will use ceramic brake discs, for instance.

    How do you know the McLaren P11 will use composite material?
    Woking, and its materials centre in Portsmouth, have considerable expertise in cutting-edge lightweight materials and sources in the plastics industry tell us that the P11 is destined to showcase genuine innoivations in its use of composites.

    Tellingly, McLaren is currently advertising for more staff with 'experience in working in carbonfibre composite R&D... of high-volume production for composite parts.'

    High volume? On a McLaren? These things are relative. We're looking at comfortably fewer than 5000 cars a year. So there'll be a bespoke feel to the P11, from its Conran-designed interior to its lovingly crafted carbonfibre chassis.

    So how fast will the McLaren P11 be?
    How long is a piece of string? With the sort of firepower being shoehorned into the P11's engine bay (Merc-source V8, upwards of 500bhp) and a flyweight construction (bank on around 1200kg), it's not difficult to see that the baby McLaren will be scintillatingly quick.

    We're in the realms of pure speculation here, but we'd be very surprised if the P11 didn't bust through the 200mph barrier and hit 60mph in less than 4.0sec.

    Eye witnesses who've seen engineering mules masquerading as a Ferrari 360 Modena and Ultima on test at Surrey's Dunsfold circuit report swift progress and a rifle-quick gearchange. We just don't know about the transmission of the P11 at this stage, but some kind of F1-inspired semi-auto would make sense.

    And what about that P11 name?
    McLaren uses P codenames, you see. The SLR is internally dubbed P7 and Mercedes and McLaren considered three more projects that were all aborted a few years ago: they would have have sired a GT sports car (P8), another supercar (P9) and an SLR successor (P10).

    None of them could muster a solid enough business case, however, so McLaren decided to go it alone with the P11. And that's the car you see here.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    sorry, the images...

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos


    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    last one

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    Big hints of McLaren F1, but at this stage it also looks like a Lotus Evora.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    Car Magazine - or maybe it was EVO - a few months back already had a story on this car with finished pics of the car complete with McLaren badging without any camo. These pics just look like the early desing sketches. Weird that they would show these pics now, when comleted pics were shown months ago.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    And where are those "completed car" pictures?
    Can you post them?

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    janus said:
    And where are those "completed car" pictures?
    Can you post them?

    sorry janus, I have just copied the title from car magazine... For me was a little bit of a disapointment also, but it was just for another interesting car that we are all waiting for it.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    MarekN said:
    Big hints of McLaren F1, but at this stage it also looks like a Lotus Evora.

    I think it resembles the Ascari KZ1 quite a bit :

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    This design does nothing for me.
    It's a watered down F1 combined with a bit of Lotus.

    Boys, you can do MUCH better than this. You have to do MUCH better than this after the dissapointing styling of the SLR.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    I want one....wonder who the Australian dealer will be?

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    I likey.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    A mix between the Ascari and the old McLaren F1. I also see a bit of 360/F430/Gallardo.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    janus said:
    And where are those "completed car" pictures?
    Can you post them?

    You can do a search on google.

    Here is one of them.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    Actually here is the whole article from CAR magaizne Dec 2007.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    Great thanks for the links RR4

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    NEW spy shots of the P11 testing are here:

    The BIG question: Will it have the legendary "central" driving position like the F1, like a true sportscar should have...? Looking at the pics I think it may be on one side - which will be a real shame!

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    ^^^I'm sensing the answer will be "no."

    I think they'll save the center driving position for their supercars, like Lambo saves scissor doors for it's pinnacle models.

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    Reminds of the Farboud GTS... I think

    Re: New McLaren P11 supercar: the spy photos

    Looks like any run-of-the-mill sportscar.
    Anonymous and dull

    McLaren's new F1...

    McLaren's new F1

    "A legend is about to be reborn, as Brit firm gets ready to redefine the supercar class with new P11..."

    The Mac is back. This is McLaren's new baby supercar, which distils the excitement of the legendary original F1 road model into a smaller and less expensive package.

    Due on sale in 2010, the incredible machine is gunning for Ferrari's F430 and the Lamborghini Gallardo with a price tag of between Pounds150,000 and Pounds200,000.

    Auto Express is the only magazine in the world to have spied the McLaren on the road, and we've used our exclusive pictures to produce these amazing images, showing just how the newcomer will look. Codenamed P11, this is the spiritual successor to the F1, and has been designed and built completely in-house.

    Unlike the Mercedes SLR McLaren, it's not a joint venture. Instead, the car is the work of engineers at the Formula One team's factory in Woking. And it was just outside the Surrey base that Auto Express reader Steve Taro caught the first prototype undergoing testing.

    As you can see from his spy pictures, the development mule wears a heavy disguise, but we have peeled that back to reveal the car underneath. And it's clear that the designers have taken inspiration from the F1 - look at the side window shape, the high tail, the short overhangs, plus the bold headlights and large bumper air intakes.

    Elsewhere in the design are nods to McLaren's logo in the side air intakes. But overall, the P11 has enough visual strength to mark a totally new direction for the company.

    While firm details on the newcomer are scarce, it is likely to use as much grand prix-related technology as possible. McLaren will be keen to draw parallels between the P11 and its F1 track models, so it will sit on a strong yet light carbon fibre chassis.

    The body will also be made from advanced composites, and as a result the P11 will weigh around 1,250kg. A mid-mounted 6.2-litre V8 sourced from F1 engine supplier Mercedes will drive the rear wheels via a semi-automatic transmission, complete with steering wheel paddleshifters.

    Boosted by a turbocharger, the AMG-tuned powerplant will produce at least 500bhp. And thanks to the car's low kerbweight, it's expected to accelerate from 0-60mph in less than four seconds and post a top speed of 200mph. Carbon brakes will make sure it stops as well as it goes.

    As was the case with the F1, McLaren will give customers the chance to personalise their car, so a long specification list is likely. There is set to be a whole host of interior trim options and paint colours.

    The cabin itself will be very modern, with a unique feel and appearance. The dashboard and steering wheel draw inspiration from the firm's racers.

    Once McLaren has finished the last run of SLR Roadsters and special-edition roofless SLR Speedsters, work will begin on building the P11. And while production of the roadgoing F1 ended after only 64 examples, volumes for the newcomer are set to extend into four figures. The first customers will take delivery of their cars in 2010.


    ...thanks to Auto Express!

    Re: McLaren's new F1...


    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    Center driving positon looks good.
    As previoulsy criticized, they need to drastically improve the performance, as I'm not sure those performance figures will be competitive in 2010.

    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    Well it has that all time beauty I must say.
    Everything flows free design-wise.

    It's just doesn't have that WOW effect.
    But being a company with no recognizable design it would be to risky to produce something that wouldn't go overboard or age to quickly.
    Thats why, sadly, most will se it as just another kit car.

    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    ^True...its looking good at this stage i must say, but its just lacking something... A LP560/430 just seems more...'expensive' if i compare them too this. Kinda has that Noble/Lotus look to it.

    Jean: So true re performance. I was actually just thinking about the new Saleen S5S Raptor the other day. They were saying its gonna be a F430 killer and all that, but when it comes out (+- 2010 aswell) those numbers just wont be impressive anymore. Im sure theyll get it right tho...both McLaren and Saleen. Looking forward to it

    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    Jean said:
    Center driving positon looks good.
    As previoulsy criticized, they need to drastically improve the performance, as I'm not sure those performance figures will be competitive in 2010.

    It seems to be left hand drive according to that last rear 3/4 pic....? If it had a centre driving position I'd save all my hard earned and buy one - I think its the greatest flaw of modern supercars...

    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    New article in Autocar :

    - The new £160k McLaren P11 supercar has been totally redesigned by ex-Fiat design boss Frank Stephenson, Autocar can reveal.

    - The McLaren P11 will make its debut as a two-seat, mid-engined coupe. A soft-top spider version.

    - The McLaren P11’s extensive use of carbonfibre will keep its weight down to between 1300kg and 1400kg (2 860lbs to 3 080lbs)

    - 5.5-litre V8 engine.


    It better be blisteringly fast, as a McLaren should be.

    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    Well, it looks beautiful, but like an italian car. Not at all like a McLaren.

    Re: McLaren's new F1...

    New one should have been jaw dropping . Instead looks like cross between Ford Mustang and Ferrari 360 Modena.






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