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    Took the Rs on track today...

    Well where do i start :thumbup:

    I was at Silvertone today, in my Orange RS, and with a friend who has a Black one.
    The day started very damp, and to say i was a little nervous, was an understatement :icon107:

    Not getting off to a good start, i locked my keys in the car (still trying to figure out how this happened though ?)

    Ventured out on track, and it was very wet and greasy, i had the PASM on Soft, as i thought this should suit a wet track better, but the sport button was 'on'

    The car felt very planted, and neutral, on slow greasy turns, the car just drifted wide until the grip came back, then ease on the power again.

    I started building up speed as the track started slowly to dry up, but even so, i was totally amazed at how much grip these tyres had in such fowl conditions, especially under braking....

    I had a que of people wanting pas laps from me, so i have done a lot of laps today, which really helped build confidence in the car, and as the track started to really dry out, i put the PASM on 'hard' and really started to push on.

    The car surpassed my expectations, it is so stable under braking, it defies physics, but the biggest step forward from the 996 for me, is the rear stability, there is just no drama, just pure clear feedback as to what the car is doing.

    Considering the car still has the standard GEO settings, i was shocked at how much cornering grip the car had, there is VERY little body roll, especially in 'Hard' mode.

    PCCB's are epic, and totally fade free, they are very powerful, but even so, and in these greasy conditions, there is a LOT less drame from the ABS, i think there is more lock given when in sport mode ??, either way, they are a lot less intrusive.

    All in all, very very happy with the car, and can't wait to get a track set up, to really see the cars full potential.
    . :burnout:

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    fantastic fun i'm sure....looking for more updates as you do more track work...great photos

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    Excellent, love the cars. Next time lets us all know your going and perhaps we can get a few other Rennteamers there also.

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    Beauty. I just LOVE this car.

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    me too

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    What a beautiful pair of RSs out there. You should work in the future to get a few high quality pictures of those two together on the track,--static and in motion.


    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    Great writeup. Enjoy your TOY in good health.

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    Thanks for posting! Cars look awesome.

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    nice to have the RS... nice to have it with PCCBs... nice to have access to a track... and nice to have the skill to test the limits of this car!!!

    Re: Took the Rs on track today...

    Videos (with sound), please?

    I'm drooling. Nice report - thanks.



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