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    US Climbs out of the stone age

    Ultra Low Sulruf Diesel finally hits US shores Is this a trend towards a more-Euro view of transportation (diesel power!) or is it a knee-jerk reaction to increasing fuel prices? Does it spell trouble for the financial justification for hybrids?

    Re: US Climbs out of the stone age

    Too early to tell.

    Honda is planning on selling urea-free, 50-state legal diesel vehicles unlike Mercedes' Adblue which needs to be refilled at regular intervals:

    Re: US Climbs out of the stone age

    Its about time we did get the Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

    We should be able to FINALLY buy the HP diesel's that Audi, BMW and Merc are selling in Europe. These models all use direct injected turbo diesel motors and CAN NOT run on high sulphur diesel.

    Re: US Climbs out of the stone age

    Yes congress finally, for once, got it's head out of its ass. Several years ago in testimony before the Senate Sciene Committee, US auto and truck makers complained that they were unable to significantly reduce emmissions or increase fuel economy because of the poor grades of fuel that were mandated in the US. Remember that it is Congress throught the EPA that has effectively dictated fuel blends we get here in the US. Now maybe we can finally get some GOOD gasoline, rather than this 91-92 octance stuff!

    Re: US Climbs out of the stone age

    connoisseur said:
    Now maybe we can finally get some GOOD gasoline, rather than this 91-92 octance stuff!

    Yeah, and without the crappy Ethanol, MTBE, or other oxygenated crap that ruins our cars, reduces performance and is only there for political reasons...

    Re: US Climbs out of the stone age

    It's definitely a step in the right direction. Now we need to get more biodiesel production going too (BTW, biodiesel is actually more fuel efficient than petrodiesel while it's the opposite for Ethanol and gasoline). I believe in the EU there is a 5.7% biodiesel mandate. In Brazil it's 5%. In the US there is only 100M gallions a year of biodiesel production capacity (whereas we use 60 billion gallons of diesel fuel a year). By the end of the year we will be up to 200M gallons and that number is supposed to double each year for the next several years. What we really need is an administration that will encourage more investment in alternative fuels infrastructure. That's not likely to occur while Bush (who is in bed with the Saudis and the oil companies) is in office. Just think where we would be if Bush had spent the $400 billion for the Iraq war on alternative fuel infrastructure.



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