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    Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Wait wait, not my turbo but my "best friend's" turbo
    We took delivery on Monday, decided to bring it to TCM for crystal guard!! I do not believe it, the car shines! TCM is the best detailer in town, took him 4 days to finish the whole car.

    The car is Black (Non-metallic)/black with soft look leather seats and more goodies. Bought it from IRA Porsche, we dealt with both Alfie and Chris. They are great guys!! They waited for 3 weeks just for us to send them the money and they held the car for us. Their sales is 10/10 if I have to rate them. Everytime I called Alfie, he always answers the phone or always return phone calls. Scheduled an appointment between 5-6pm but we got delayed due to snow and traffic until 7.15 and he patiently waited for us although he was supposed to go home at 5. They are one of the best, enough said

    Some mods are already done. Clear marker, bluevision bulb, silvervision bulb, White H11 foglight, exactmats. Mods coming are Techart headlight covers, roof rails, roof strips, tint, autobahn, FVD floormats and maybe more?

    The reason she decided to get the black turbo was because of the deal, she almost got an S but we cancelled the deal with another dealer. The price was extremely low for a brand new turbo and we just couldn't pass the deal.


    Sorry for the poor photos, it was already dark, road is still dirty and we will get more photos next week after the wax again

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Love the non-metallic black


    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Blur photo

    Can you see TCM holding my camera?

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Thats awesome - So how does your
    lady friend like it so far?

    How much if you dont mind me asking?

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Congrats she is a beauty.

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Congrats to you and your friend DEETZ!
    Very nice car! Looks best in black IMO.
    Great choice, thanks for the pics!

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Gratz on the beast! Go run down some corvettes now

    Good luck with the car, and have fun with it

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Its probably the best carrr!!!!!!


    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    That's a beautiful Turbo, congrats

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Great looking car Deetz!

    Congratulations to your friend!

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Thank you guys for the compliment, I will pass them to her. I have driven the car for 200 miles, oh boy, at 3k rpm (break-in) it went up to 100-110mph really fast, I really like this car, so did my parents

    Re: Finally Turbo is here (WE JUST LOVE PORSCHE)

    Great buy.

    Right now I'm looking out of the window and we have strong winds with lots of snow. The cars outside are already covered with snow, I'd say that some people will do some early morning fitness to clean the white stuff from their cars.

    Well, I just returned from short trip in the Cayenne Turbo.
    The snow is really high and it is night over here in Germany. It was so much fun, I can't describe it. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures because it is really snowing heavily and the only thing one can see on the pics is white spots (flash at night), I tried it.
    The PSM really sucks, it takes away all the fun. I turned it off (PLEASE BE CAREFUL when doing that in severe weather conditions!) and the fun started but I came to the conclusion that I really don't like the Pirelli Scorpion Ice&Snow 19'' winter tires too much. Porsche should offer only H tires and not V tires as winter tires because braking somehow sucks and in deep snow, you really need to turn off the PSM and even turn on the lock diff.

    Another thing worth mentioning: the well known throttle delay sucks even more in deep snow but I think I mentioned it before in an older post.
    Overall, the Cayenne Turbo is fun in snow with winter tires but if the snow wouldn't have been THAT high, I would have taken the 997 for a ride. I did that yesterday and with 295 winter tires on the rear, it feels more connected to the street than my Cayenne Turbo. And funny: the traction with PSM on seems to be even better...thanks to the less intrusive 997 PSM and the limited slip diff. I have on my car.

    A little sidenote: I didn't see any Ferrari out there on the street.



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