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    Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?

    Just been looking at Porsche National Used car stock in the UK and can find virtually no atlas grey vehicles. Should I therefore order my S in another colour, i.e. Arctic or Basalt so that it is easier to sell on or will it sell easily due to its rarity?
    Geez, buying a car here is complex!

    Re: Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?

    I don't think Atlas Grey has been a 'standard' colour long enough for many to filter through to the used market yet - haven't seen one in the flesh myself but have been told it looks great....

    Re: Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?

    As Rich said, Atlas Grey came out recently actually when Turbo cab was released, so it hasn't been very long.

    One piece of advice from me, if you don't mind, don't ever think about resale value and get whatever color you'd like. I did what you're trying to do on 2 of my Porsches and didn't make a bit of difference in resale, I still lost money.

    Just make sure you order a color that you like even considering pink or purple is your favorite color.

    Re: Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?

    Why don't you just ask your dealer which colors "move" best in your market, and take your pick of the top 3 - 4?

    Re: Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?


    My OPC does not recommend this colour. They found it very difficult to sell their Boxster demo. It has been around long enough for some used cars to be on the Porsche system. I do not think it is a popular choice and would suggest you choose another colour. I orderded Basalt as I had not had the colour, then let my heart take over and changed it (997C2S) to Guards Red with Black Leather. I think red is making a come back much helped by so many good publicity shots and the absence of red for many years since the yuppy days.

    Re: Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?

    Think I'll go for it. Love the sheen that bounces of it in the sun.

    Re: Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?

    Atlas hasnt been around long enough to be available as a used car,i think it will become a popular colour and am considering it with sand interior.Only concern is that it is a very dark grey and could be mistaken for black.

    Re: Is Atlas Grey a re-sale no-no in the UK?

    Basalt, Atlas Grey is a beautiful color ! Very dark, and very dynamic. There is some Blue tint in it, don't forget.
    It goes well with the new Sand Beige, Stone Grey, Sea Blue,
    even Black. Resale should be fine. Besides; who do you want
    to enjoy it; you or the next owner; whoever that may be ?



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