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    First Driving Impression Cayenne V8 BT

    Today I had my first test drive in a Cayenne Turbo. This car is really impressive and I really like the look and feel of the interior, especially with the full leather option in black.

    Did you know that there is no Cayenne body available without sun roof before MY 2004?

    Re: First Driving Impression Cayenne V8 BT

    I'm glad you enjoy the Turbo....

    Regarding the sunroof, it's interesting because in the US it's listed as an option (US$ 1,100) on both models (S and Turbo).

    I live in Florida and I really enjoy the sunroof in winter when the temperature is mild. It's like my 911 Cab, I enjoy it most during the winter when it's dry and not too hot.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Re: First Driving Impression Cayenne V8 BT

    In Switzerland, the sunroof is a "mandatory option"... Go figure...

    Re: First Driving Impression Cayenne V8 BT

    Hey CR,
    I'm glad that you liked the ride. It means alot since it comes from you CR, because I know how much you are into performance and handeling of cars.

    Re: First Driving Impression Cayenne V8 BT

    The "mandatory option" for the sunroof in Switzerland seems like a rip-off to me.

    It's just a disguised way to keep the sticker price low !!!

    On the other hand it's a nice feature to have and it helps to have a roomier and brighter feel inside.

    I think it's not outrageoulsy priced unlike the compass (US$ 80), the wheel colored crest (US$ 175) or even the collapsible spare tire for US$ 175....

    Re: First Driving Impression Cayenne V8 BT

    In reply to:
    I really like the look and feel of the interior

    Yeah, interior WOW, exterior YUCK.

    Tomorrow will be the big day, due to worsening weather conditions over here in Bavaria, I get to drive the Cayenne Turbo tomorrow instead of Friday. On snow it wouldn't be easy to drive fast.

    What about the Off-Road testride, CR? I hope you didn't forget. But honestly: the on-road performance should me more important for most people.

    Re: First Driving Impression Cayenne V8 BT

    I will test drive the BT on Tuesday for the whole day.
    I will also post some impressions, on road of course.
    One thing I can say by now, in real it looks much better. But I only like the turbo, the front looks very agressive and impressive.



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