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    Extreme Temp, UV, Humidity effect CFRP looks in CGT

    Here is an interesting tidbit on the surface finish of CGT body panels from the Service Information, 2004 Technik Introduction book I have seen:

    "Under certain external conditions, high surface temperatures and UV radiation (sunlight), may cause the components of CFRP, the woven structure to show through the painted surface (top coat).

    This behavior is accentuated if in addition to the above parameters the ambient humidity is high.

    This behavior is not a defect, it is a material-specific feature!

    It can appear different from different angles of view and for different exterior paint finishes. In a very wide range of temperatures this behavior will not show itself in the materials used for the Carrera GT. Beyond that there is a range where the woven structure emerges as visible; but when the ambient conditions change it is lost to view again.

    This range itself extends to unusually high temperatures; however if these temperatures are exceeded then to an extent the changes become irreversible.

    Those parts that are made of visible carbon fiber are given a special UV resistant clear finish to prevent UV-related ageing and associated yellowing of the surface."


    Pretty interesting. It seems as if the carbon fiber is fairly stout in this application, but I can see Porsche setting up a warning that if one were to allow the grill over the muffler chimney to become clogged (or try to cook a steak on it) that there is some danger of a finish imperfection developing as a result.

    Re: Extreme Temp, UV, Humidity effect CFRP looks in CGT

    Here in the southern US the carbon finishes have been cracking and yellowing for years. This is a standard interior trim in carbon (around the windshield) will pull up and lose its shape. This will happen if the car is exposed to hot interior and direct sunlight day after day. Most of these GT's will be garaged and protected. Probably not a worry.

    Re: Extreme Temp, UV, Humidity effect CFRP looks in CGT

    Do not park your Carrera GT in Texas for the summer!

    Although, it doesn't say what this "behavior" would actually look like. Sort of a "pentimento" effect. Who says these cars aren't art!




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