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    AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressions

    Got my package from AWE yesterday, and could not wait so I installed it last nite. The brief sequence on the procedure:

    A)Removal of stock system

    1)jack up rear of car
    2)remove taillights
    3)remove license plate, rear bumper
    4)remove rear inner fender liners
    5)remove intercoolers
    6)remove rear heat shield and bend side heat shields
    7)carefully remove nuts from turbo turbine housing studs
    8)remove O2 sensors
    9)loosen rear muffler clamps and disengage from brackets
    10)remove exhaust as a whole

    B)Installation is sort of reverse, but with some tricks

    1)pre-tighten muffler clamps onto the AWE exhaust (bolts barely are long enough and clamps need to be "shaped" thru tensioning to fit correctly
    2)then remove clamps and engage them on the exhaust brackets without the exhaust
    3)install 1 cat (I chose drivers) and then loosely fit the (drivers) muffler to that
    4)loosely fit the other cat and muffler into place - since everything is a slip-fit, you have to leave some wiggle room to get the next cat and muffler to engage both the turbo studs and the opposite muffer at the same time.

    C)Problems - I did have one stud at the turbine housing break and had to:

    1)attempt drilling it for an easy-out
    2)broke easy out off inside the broken stud
    3)broke 3 drill bits trying to drill out the easy out
    4)removed the turbo - 5 oil and water lines to remove, 1 vacuum line, 1 bracket, 3 more troublesome nuts at the header flange, 1 air inlet hose
    5)took turbocharger to specialty welder, who built up a nub using a TIG welder to the broken stud, then torqued it out with a vice grip and then chased the threads. Took him all of 2 minutes. This guy is my new "favorite person"!!
    6)re-installed the turbo
    7)re-installed the exhaust

    D)Lesson learned: be very careful with the exhaust studs - they are very, very weak on this car. Even using PB Blaster/ liquid wrench I had problems with 3 of the 8 studs and had to chase all the thread holes with an M8x1.25 tap and clean all the studs using the corresponding die tool.


    1)at idle, much deeper and a slight growl. Very reminscent of a 993 with motorsound
    2)throttle response is sharpened tremendously, especially in non-sport mode. The motor responsiveness now is closer to the sport level
    3)MORE BOOST!!!! I saw at least a couple more # of boost in non-sport, perhaps another # peak in sport mode. Difference is also that the boost hits earlier (2-300 rpm) and the peak is wider than before. Imagine it as "Sport II"
    4)very little to no resonance at cruising speeds

    If I had to summarize the nature of the AWE exhaust, I would say it is the way the car should have come. It is not a whole lot louder than stock, and it has more of a menacing tone than the "Dyson". You would not be embarrassed at all driving this into a church parking lot. It truly adds some much needed character to the powertrain. It still won't enthrall the way a Gallardo does but the disappointment is surely gone. It takes the tt from a 3/10 to about a 7.5/10 in terms of exhaust.

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi


    straight thru design

    200 cell cat

    jack points

    tip removal

    tail light removal

    wheel well liner removal

    intercooler exposed

    intercooler removed to allow access to O2 sensors

    muffler removed

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    broken stud in lower left of flange

    turbo removed

    turbo water and oil passages seen

    EGT probe in turbine inlet

    heat shields back on


    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    wow youre the man

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    What finally made you decide to go with AWE?

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    Great How-To. I'm not sure I want to disassemble the back of my TT.

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    I decided to go with AWE for a number of reasons:

    1)sound characteristics - did not want anything too loud or droning. It had to match the car's image

    2)AWE builds the exhaust in-house, unlike some other competitors. That makes them directly accountable for QC

    3)AWE exhaust was tested in-house on a dyno and they published dyno sheets proving power gains. Others have talked about gains but publish no dyno sheets

    4)AWE did not make drastic claims of weight savings - signifying usage of heavy quality stainless 321 grade (or 304) steel.

    5)AWE design uses a balance tube between the 2 sides - eliminates any potential raspy qualities and helps to increase engine torque.

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    Thanks bud

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    I never used the AWE exhaust on my 996TT, but did use their ECU upgrade. I was very impressed--and that was after using another tuner which was not satisfactory. I think AWE has quality products...

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressions

    AWE-some thread, eclou.

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    Turbo Al said:
    AWE-some thread, eclou.

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    Here is a "must have" tool list

    1)22mm crow foot angled wrench - for O2 sensor removal. Get a good one and you might not have to remove the intercoolers
    2)13mm ratcheting combination wrench, Craftsman - this will help tremendously in removing the nuts holding the cat/exhaust to the turbine. Otherwise you will get carpal tunnel turning the nuts 1/16 of a turn at a time, flipping a combo wrench over and over
    3)male and female torx bits - all body fasteners are torx
    4)M8x1.25 tap and die - needed to chase and clean the exhaust studs
    5)anti-seize lube - coat the exhaust studs prior to reinstall
    6)propane torch - for stubborn exhaust nuts that don't loosen with Liquid Wrench
    7)allen head socket bits - muffler clamps are 6mm IIRC
    8)10 & 13mm socket - almost everything is 13mm save for the 10mm head shield speed nuts and bolts
    9)11mm deep socket - AWE uses band clamps with 11mm heads

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    very comprehensive report and accompanying photos...thanks

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    Awesome thread. Great pictures too. I would be too nervous/scared with all the technology in the TT. I get nervous changing the air filter in my Jeep!

    Re: AWE exhaust installed - installation photos and impressi

    Just another FYI for those on the fence about doing an exhaust - my wife (who is exceptionally perceptive about my car modding sickness and can sniff out a mere micron of added carbon fiber) drove the turbo for the entire day yesterday and did not notice anything unusual or objectionable. That is how much the exhaust is in the character of the car.



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