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    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    Thank you Eric, great report

    Two questions:
    1. The R8 looks extremly low in these pictures, do you think it will be able to handle speedbumps, steep driveways and such?
    2. If you were going to buy a car today, which would it be, R8 or C4S?

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    Very informative report Gnil. Thanks

    Beautiful photos too. Wish I could be there - London is dull, grey and wet right now

    I'm not surprised at all by your conclusion - anyone with -20mm sports suspension is bound to prefer the Porsche's steering and handling.

    I was surprised by the poorer brakes. So what will happen when the R8 starts to get a 5L V10? Would they upgrade the brakes or would they expect those buyers to pay extra for ceramic brakes? Given that you can pay for a engine bay lighting set up, Audi clearly wants customers to pay $$$ big time on this car.

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    nice report, IMO the C4S is the obvious comparison in the 911 range
    on picture 5, the R8 looks like an UFO that has landed in a quiet campaign

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    thx for the great review.

    can u elaborate a bit more on steering feel and in gear acceleration compared to the C4S


    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    Gnil, you really like the Marchairuz don't you.
    Thanks for the pics and report. Even with the side panels from different color, I still do not like the look. It's a bit overdone for me. Very surprised about the brakes!

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    Can't say that I like the R8 or that I'm especially interested in it -- but your report and pictures are excellent! Thanks for sharing!

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    Gnil, thx for impressions and pics ....will always value impressions of a rennteamer more than car mags...

    At least in US, R8 will be priced (and have lease terms) similar to 997TT w/PCCB

    Have skimmed at least 2-3 major car mag reviews of Gallardo SL that consistently comment re: G SL's poor ceramic brake pedal feel and inept not surprised that Audi struggles to develop competent brakes/paddleshifter tranny....

    Is interesting that engineers at places like Lambo/BMW/Audi can't develop/refine such (presumably) basic sportscar attributes as competent brakes/compelling steering precision/smooth&fast paddleshifter trannies/useable mid-range tq....

    P/F certainly seem to have a duopoly re: steering and brakes....and F has a monopoly, w/599, re: fast/smooth paddleshifter tranny and linear throttle response w/strong mid-range tq (and excellent traction)....

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    @ Porsche-Jeck and derder : The steering feel is smooth and feels 'assisted'. You do not get the same ' connected to the road' feel as on the 911. Feedback is filtered by the assistance. I did not find it to be a problem, but it takes away some of the sportiness, on the other hand it makes the car more 'comfortable' for city driving

    The in gear acceleration is strong and linear.. exactly what you would expect from the modern Audi V8 engine ( like the RS4) . Personally I am not mad about that engine.
    My C4S 'feels' faster and more exiting as there is that extra 'kick' at 5500.
    It's like with motorbikes, I much prefer the 4 in lines then the V2 !

    @ temm: 1.I passed only one small speed bump, and that was ok.. I went slowly. But I did not try it up my driveway, which could of given me a good indication on ground clearance. So..I can't answer your question. But yes, it seems low.
    2. If I had to choose between the R8 and C4S I would get the C4S for the following reasons.
    - R8 is too expensive in my eyes
    - I need the small back seats
    - The C4S is a real daily all year driver
    - I prefer the flat 6 engine ...R10 would be more exiting

    But if the Carrera would not exist , then the R8 could be a serious option as I think soon, this car will be integrated in the ' car landscape' and not be too flashy... so easy to use around town.

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    nice shoes

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    R8/R10 would be very exciting, but at that price point, why not go for a 911?

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    nice review&pics,grazie!

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    amir sarmad said:
    nice shoes

    Cheers mate

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    Great report Gnil, thanks for sharing I preffer a report like yours over any magazine test anyday

    Re: Tried the Audi R8. Pics.

    zzboba said:
    Can't say that I like the R8 or that I'm especially interested in it -- but your report and pictures are excellent! Thanks for sharing!




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