I sent my car out to my dealer autobody shop to repaint the rear bumper due to some my minor scratches on my 991.1 GT3.

I had some after market rear parking sensors installed thru the dealer when I got the car 7 years ago.  However, now when they took the bumper cover off, the wiring of the sensors were found to be melting due to heat because the routing was close to the exhaust.  Also the unit might be causing some delamination of one of my rear headlamp unit. 

Now I'm faced with the dilemma of choosing:

1. Paying them another 8 hours of labor to patch up the holes of sensors (I said since you are already repainting the bumper why does it cost so much more?  I was told they need to do a lot of work on reinforcement) and leaving my car without rear parking sensors.

2. Leaving the sensors on but just take out the wiring and the unit

3. Try and find another place to install another rear parking sensors in.  The manager told me he's not keen on any aftermarket sensors due to the heat at the back of this type of car as it might be hazardous.  He said he gave my salesperson a hard time on this. 

Any thoughts from any members?

thanks a lot.