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We've seen a few signs of Fernando Alonso struggling to keep himself calm in races this season, so to see him haranguing Felipe Massa in parc ferme, and then again - clearly unable to let it lie - behind the podium, was brilliant to watch and gave another fascinating insight into the Alonso character.

Fernando's accusation that Massa had tried to "take him out" clearly took the Brazilian by surprise. He responded by telling Fernando roundly that if and when he felt like taking him out, he'd hit the Spaniard so hard he'd "end up in the grandstand".

Here's the thing about Alexander Wurz: He may not be one of the best qualifiers on the grid, unlike his team-mate Nico Rosberg, and he might not be a spring chicken in F1 terms, unlike Nico Rosberg, but when the chips are down in a mad, confused race, Alex will step up and score the big points that only come along a couple of times a year. Unlike Nico Rosberg.

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