Gabriel343 said:
Translation of the article AMS
BMW M3-Recall: Engines not holding up
BMW will fix the high-power engines free of charge because many engines of the current M3 model have been prone to engine failure.
BMW is recalling about half of the approximately 60,000 vehicles type BMW E46 M3 sold world-wide in order to undertake measures to rectify the engine problem.

After the introduction of the early model series the oil pump was replaced. As a follow-up measure the crankshaft bearing shell will be replaced. All owners of the current M3 model that fall under the recall will be informed by BMW directly.

From now on, we should probably look at M5/M3 hp/torque diagrams alongside those of 3-series loaner car/Toyota rental car one may be driving after engine blows up But no worries, it's all under warranty and we can get that M5 for less money than the crappy, unreliable E55