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    Bill Hodges reports that the TT Cab. scheduled

    to be introduced in the spring of 2003 will have reduced hp. Any information as to amount of the reduction and why?

    Re: Bill Hodges reports that the TT Cab. scheduled

    Think I'd want to hear that from a different source to
    confirm.The cab is already heavier why hinder the performance even more?

    Re: Bill Hodges reports that the TT Cab. scheduled

    He might confuse the 996 Turbo Cab with the C4 S Cab?
    Doesn't make much sense to me but I could imagine an electronic speed limiter on US bound 996 Turbo Cabs.

    Re: Bill Hodges reports that the TT Cab. scheduled


    I personally do not not know the amount of horse power reduction for the new TT cab either but I have an educated guess as to the reason why they have reduced power...chassis rigidity.

    The 996 Cabriolet is I think a little more than half as stiff (torsional rigidity) than the 996 Coupe. So when you corner a 996 Coupe hard and then repeat the identical move in a 996 Cabriolet, the coupe will of course handle better. Why? The suspension on the coupe does not move as much in the Cabriolet because the car frame (chassis) is much stiffer (caused by hacking the top off the car). That is why it is not the greatest idea to track your convertible car. Punishing a cabriolet hard like you would a coupe is also not good for the cabriolet chassis's durability either. The constant flexing of the chassis weakens it over time. You will notice this by how the car feels more "loose" than when it was new (i.e. sqweaks, rattles, steering shudder, etc.). So I am assuming that this relation will be the same for the 996 TT Coupe. Porsche realizes that with such great horsepower the 996TT Coupe's suspension, brakes, and chassis will receive much greater punishment in everyday driving (as well as track time) than the future 996 TT Cab chassis can take. So to keep forces down, Porsche keeps the power away from lead footed drivers so cornering and braking forces stay lower than in the 996 TT coupe. Well that is the theory anyway. Bottom line - Porsche wants these cars to last but still perform reasonably well. But do not worry, I think Porsche realizes that the 996 TT Cab has to be able to outrun the new Merc SL55. But...isn't Porsche creating the 996TT for people who want to pose rather than perform anyway to keep people from buying the SL55?!?

    If you want all out performance and want to track your TT then by all means stay with the coupe! Especially with this new 20mm sport suspension that will offered in January 2003. Combine that with the X50 package and PCCB and you literally will have yourself a "Turbo S"!

    Well, that is my 2 cents! But wow, this 996 TT Cab will be one hell of a Porsche!!


    Thanks for the info Bill, interesting!

    You are definitly right about chassis rigidity.
    We'll see what happens next.
    The TTcab could also be less powerful just for the USA, it has happended before, with the M3 for example.
    Don't know why though.
    But if a 360 spider can handle 400hp without roof, Porsche is going to make sure the TTcab can handle 420hp
    The only solution is chassis reinforcement.
    So the car will be heavier, and probably not available with X73 (-20mm chassis) maybe even not X50.
    I predict a 0 to 100 kmh in 4.4 secs. (just enough to bach the 360 spider, ouf...)

    Chassis rigidity?

    Why would Porsche lower the power because of chassis rigidity? Doesn't make sense, especially because it is a well known fact that the 996 Turbo Cabriolet has been developed at the same time as the 996 Turbo has been. So this is no "fast 996 TT Coupe conversion" but a real Cab engineered from the scratch by Weissach.
    And even if it wasn't so, it wouldn't pose a problem to re-enforce the chassis for production.
    I still think that the 996 Turbo Cab will have the same power as the 996 Turbo Coupe but hey...everything is possible nowadays.

    To fanch: as far as I remember, the US bound M3 had a different engine with lower horse power because of other reasons, not because of chassis rigidity.

    BTW: the roof of the Modena Spider is actually build and engineered by...Porsche. Right now, Porsche is in the process to take over CTS completely, DC will walk out of CTS.



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