I have to disappoint you: According to the car's technical manual for sales persons, the engine has over 100 different parts vs. the normal V10 engine. Of course some of the parts could be screws and seals only but still... 

Then, there is assembly of the V10: Only crankcase and cylinder block are built in Györ, the engines are fully assembled in Italy. Only the Audi V10 engines are assembled in Györ.

Gearbox is also not the same, the Performante gearbox received some extra cooling and some enforced parts (I have no details on this one though).

ALA...weight reductions...chassis components (incl. shocks and dampers) are completely different from regular Huracan, only brake system is the same. Then there is the forged carbon interior which wasn't available for the regular Huracan, also the forged carbon parts, exhaust system, intake system and many other parts. 

Where the 75% difference is vs. Audi? Well: basically all outside body parts (I think front hood and doors are similar or the same), chassis, engine (partially), exhaust/intake system and so on. Weight difference between Audi R8 Plus and Performante is around 75-100 kg, depending on options.

I know that many people underestimate the Performante but it was/is a really special car from Lamborghini, they were only dumb enough not to make it a limited series because in total, not more than around 1700 cars (Coupes and Spyders) were made. Maybe they expected to sell more, maybe they didn't want to take the SVJ's thunder, I don't know.



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