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    Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination?

    Sometimes the car seems like a bear when I hit the gas. The Turbos will kick in like they're crazy. Other times the car puts alot of power down but seems reluctant to give max output.

    All times the sport button is on.

    I recall reading something saying the car monitors how you've been driving and makes some of it's own decisions as to how frisky it will be. Is that right? If so what am I doing wrong to get this inconsistent performance?

    Anyway, IS driving technique the reason the car's output seems inconsistent even though other variables (temperture, humidity etc) seem to be the same? Or is there something else going on, like a psychological misperception?

    Do you guys notice this?

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination?

    I noticed similar variations, but found that the boost not always build up to 1.2 bar even if I have full throttle and the overboost arrow is displayed.

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    bluelines said:
    I noticed similar variations, but found that the boost not always build up to 1.2 bar even if I have full throttle and the overboost arrow is displayed.

    Yeah..., sounds familiar. What's going on? In my case there's probably no way for it to be due to the turbos overheating or other hard use issues. Mine's just a road car doing "normal" passing on the expressway.

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    yes, i have save experiences and wanted to start a thread because of it;-)

    i even have the same thoughts - is it me - is it the car

    let's hope somebody has a reason/solution....

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    Can it be due to road conditions? PSM starts to intervene as far as not all power can be delivered to the ground?

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    When rpm, boost, gas pedal pressure and gear selected are all the same (as well as temp, altitude, grip, etc) acceleration should be the same.

    One or more of these variables must be different to produce different results.

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    I have also noticed the same thing...I thought it was just me. Is the car "out thinking" us?

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    Wheew..., thanks..., I'm glad it's not I alone.

    Will try to find "clue/hint" in TT brochure.

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    MMD I notice this also and sometimes I just scratch my head? I know one thing octane in our gas plays a HUGE role in how these cars perform. California only gets 91 which is too low IMO. When I mix with unleaded 100 octane it turns into a beast. Like any high performance automobile its important to drive it on a regular basis and I am not talking about city driving, take it on the freeway and open the thing up. Every month or so I toss a bottle of fuel injector cleaner that my Porsche dealer recomends (and sells me).The last thing that comes to mind is outside temp, humidity, air pressure, etc all play a role and vary from day to day. The cars computer factors these variables in and one of the side effects could be a loss of power (like reducing the timing because the octane is too low so the engine doesn't detonate (ping). The way we drive our cars (aggressively or not) might play a role? Hard to really say? Any other thoughts

    Re: Variations in Performance: Just My Imagination

    I have just spoken with a highly respected uk Porsche tuner..
    I have noticed ,now and then, a slight hesitation in performance at about 4500 rpm.Almost like ignition retardation.This does NOT coincide with any odd parameter eg,weather ,pressure ,air temp,fuel(I always use Shell v-Power)
    I also ..always drive the car like I have stolen it !
    The tuner has seen the same fault on a number of 997TT's.
    He believes there is no problem at all with the Engine programing if std or not.
    He concludes after much investigation it is the nature of the VTG turbo's ,which on occasion get stuck(ref .moving vanes) for a fraction of a second.Probably down to the extreme temps at which they operate.After all this is new technology for petrol driven Vtg turbos .



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