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    Cabriolet build date

    Has anyone received confirmation of a build date for an ordered 997 cabriolet? I ordered one in December and it is supposed to be the first one built for my dealer, but they have yet to receive a confirmation of the build date. They originally thought it would be built in March. I think their allocation for March was four cabs. I think the dealers usually receive confirmation of the build date about a month before. Have cabs been delayed?


    Re: Cabriolet build date

    Ask your dealer to check your order status in his eDCS, takes him about 2min.

    Re: Cabriolet build date

    Trundle996 said:
    Ask your dealer to check your order status in his eDCS, takes him about 2min.

    They have checked and as of last week it didn't show a build date yet (not for mine, nor any other cab orders they have). That is why I was wondering if anyone else who ordered a cab has been given a build date yet. You would think someone would since the cabs are supposed to be officially introduced at the dealers here on April 5th. Customer ordered cars typically arrive within a couple of weeks of the introduction.


    Trying to answer my own question......

    I have been trying without success to determine when the first customer ordered cabs are likely to reach the USA. Last I heard the dealers were going to receive 997 and 997S cabs as launch vehicles for an April 5th introduction. I just found the following press release at the Porsche AG website:

    "The new sports car generations will continue to stimulate Porsche's core business during the current year. For example, delivery of the new 911 Carrera Cabriolet will start in North America on March 12 - this means that another attractive variation of the 911 model will be available for customers just in time for the beginning of the cabrio season."

    Somehow I don't think this is still true.

    Anyone have any news on cab production?


    Re: Trying to answer my own question......

    I Just checked with my dealer and he has no launch cabs coming in next month but he might not know. The earliest that we could see cabs is Probably April 15 with my estimate. Last week I tried to make a change to my order and was not allowed as the order was locked meaning they will be buid anytime now if they havent started already. Not sure why we cant get a built date.

    Just got the completion date for my 997S cab

    The salesman from my dealership just called to say that my 997S cab will be completed at the factory on March 14th. Hopefully that will put it in California mid-April. He also said that they have two launch cabs (S and non S) in route to them. My dealership is about the 3rd largest Porsche dealership in the USA and have used up all their 2005 allocation for S coupes and cabs. They still can order non S coupes and cabs for MY 2005. If you want a S it will have to be a 2006 and you won't get it until about October.


    Re: Just got the completion date for my 997S cab

    Carrera Cabriolet and Carrera S Cabriolet will be introduced to the United States in mid March of 2005

    Re: Just got the completion date for my 997S cab

    i ordered the new Turmo cabriolet march 2006 built!!!

    Fully speced! Though i might be waiting for a Turbo S

    Re: Just got the completion date for my 997S cab

    Just joking dont bite it !



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