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    Tell us the best tuner and why..for :



    Re: no jokes...

    why no reponse???



    ...maybe no response because Porsche is monitoring this forum?

    It is difficult to give an advice, especially because the products and especially the companies who offer the products are different.
    If you live in Italy, I'd choose a Porsche Tuner near your hometown, maybe one who works together with a bigger, well known Porsche Tuner.
    For Italian Turbo owners, there are actually two countries which are interesting: Switzerland (Sportec) and South-Germany (RS-Tuning, RUF, Techart, Gemballa).

    It also depends how much power you need and how much money you want to spend. Only one hint: Turbo tuning isn't cheap. We're talking about sums between 4500 EUR to over 60000 EUR(!). The "ordinary" 540 HP kit which in my personal opinion offers the best value costs around 14000-22000 EUR, depending on the Tuner offering it.
    A 40-50 HP+ ECU mod only is around 4500 EUR. I also saw cheaper offers but beware: there is a lot of crap out there and you don't want to destroy your engine, especially not after warranty.
    No matter which Tuner you choose, you need 98 octane fuel which isn't widely available in Italy yet.

    My personal advise for you: wait until you have your car and drive it for a while. If you're not satisfied with the power, you can always tweak it.

    A last word: any kind of engine mod voids the warranty, no matter what Tuners try to tell you (...undetectable,etc...).
    IF Porsche investigates the car further, they can ALWAYS find out that it has been modified. Especially the new motronic versions of MY 2003 but also MY 2002 have some very interesting functions which not all Tuners seem to be aware of. And driving a second unit doesn't help you much because the mileage/operating hours/etc. is registered somewhere else too (for example in the instrument cluster). No real chance to fool Porsche.
    Some Tuners might argue and say that Porsche has to prove that the mod destroyed the engine. Well, do you really want to go with them to court and fight them?! This is BS.

    After you get your car, we can start a thread discussing the various possibilities to modify your car. I'm sure that cjv has some good hints for you but I guess that money is in fact a matter to you and you don't want to spend 100000 EUR on your mods.

    Re: no jokes...

    why haven't you ordered the X50 option if you are so power-greedy

    Re: Dario...

    Thanks Chris.... Good answer!!!!

    In fact i don't whant to modify my car soon....maybe the first thing will be an Exhaust in the spring of 2003...

    Sure i go to south Germany to Gemballa or Italy no one tuner is good for Porsche...
    For Ecu mods...i'm a little disappointed but if i need a lot more hp is the only fast and easy solution...
    If i can spend 12000 Euro i'd buy the X50....i whant to spend max 6/7000 Euro for 480/500 HP not much...

    For the Fuel now Shell offer the 99 Octane V-Power and is good the car seems more fast in acceleration...we have make an easy test...and an original RS4 with V-Power is fast as a ecu mods RS4 with 95 octane fuel......

    For the new possible that a MY2003 Turbo is a little faster than a 2000/2001/2002...or little much Hp like 425/430 hehehe

    Thanks again

    Re: Dario...

    The MY2002 but also MY 2003 seem to be in a very good shape. Most cars deliver at least 430 HP as far as I heard.
    Powerkit cars can even hit the 470-480, same applies to the GT2.

    If you want to spend 6000-7000 EUR, there is only a simple ECU mod possible. A sport exhaust system with high flow catalysts for the 996 Turbo costs more than 4000 EUR alone.
    I can give you an address near Munich but don't blame me for problems later on.
    Anyway, this is the most reliable ECU "only" Porsche Tuner I know.

    Re: no jokes...


    After i ordered a 4S,then changed to a Turbo with no my turbo has a long list of options...carbon,PCM2,Rims painted,etc....but a thing is put an option that cost 1000Eur,then another of 2000 Eur than another of 500 Eur...and again..but a thing is put an only option of HEAVY!!

    Now that i'm on delivery i think that another solution was the one to order a no option turbo with only X50.....but mine looks better and for Hp there is time in the future...


    Re: Dario...


    I don't blame you.....never!!

    Sure i put mods on my car only if are good!!! i don't whant to have problem for spend less.....then i prefer to wait and when i have the right money i put the mods...ok???

    Wow 470/480 Hp are good.....but the performance increase is on high rev...not down...true??


    Re: no jokes...

    ok that's a point... but i got the impression that you are already planning 3rd party power upgrades for your yet undelivered car (i personally think that you'll be happy with the TT's power output anyway). do keep in mind that you are probably loosing your porsche factory warranty. that's the reason why i would rather let porsche do the X50 thing

    Re: Dario...

    The ECU only power increase actually increases the boost pressure by aprox. 0.2 bar over the whole rev range.
    You'll like this setup but it isn't what I call a perfect setup for reliability. The tuning packages with modified turbo chargers, etc. are usually much better because they usually have much better adapted power/torque curves. But it always depends on the Tuner.
    It is very difficult to tell you which Tuner is the best. Some Tuners are good with engines, others with suspension setups and again others with nice leather interiors.
    THE Porsche Tuner doesn't actually exist, you have to set yourself some priorities.

    Re: Dario...

    Christian...when is time to put mods on my car i let you know and you, in private tell me which for you is the best for the kind of mods i need...

    I've no frends with tuned Turbo and this forum is the BEST place to ask help!!

    With my 996 C2 in '98 i put a Gemballa Exhaust and i was very satisfied with sound and (a little) for performance....




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