I'm about to switch to winter tires on our C32 AMG. The problem is that since I bought the car used and the previous owner didn't have a separate set of rims for his winter tires. I'm now in the positon where I either pay up for a set of new AMG rims, try to find a used set (or replicas) or let a tire shop switch tires. Switching tires is really no problem but I've heard that there is a risk in changing tires on the rims (the tires getting damaged in the process, which might not show up until a situation where it could get dangerous).

I'm too cheap to pay up for a new set (5000 euros in Sweden) for winter tires, but have found a complete set original AMG rims with winter tires on Ebay Germany for starting bid 1000 euros. Does anyone have a suggestion how to buy them and get them shipped from Bonn to Stockholm (the seller wants them to be picked up in Bonn and I presume at his house). Fedex? Suggestions plse.

Secondly if that doesn't work out, does anyone know of AMG replicas that resembles the C32 AMG rims?

thanks in advance