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    If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and respond

    My 997S is about 4 months old with approx 4k miles on it. About 2 months and 2k miles ago the driver seat started giving me problems. When I accelerate or deccelerate quickly I hear and feel the right front corner of the seat move. After a couple of visits to the dealer they were unable to replicate this although it happens to me at least 4 times per day. My salesman was able to hear it and feel it when I was driving the car but not when he was. The service manager was going to contact PCNA to see if they have any other complaints of this nature. My salesman did some research on his own with other cars he'd delivered with adaptive seats which only was a couple. I also sat in a new car in the showroom with the same seats and did hear a similar sound and felt a very slight movement with my hand. My seat movement is very pronounced and I feel it easily with my leg. It has been stated by my dealer that "this may be normal." Does anyone else out there have a similar problem with their adaptive sport seats? Please respond whether you've had the problem or not. Thank you in advance for your response.

    Re: If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and respond

    I haven't sat in the Adaptive Seats Porsche uses but Mercedes version of Adaptive Sports Seats in their AMG cars actually inflate & move the seat bolsters to help keep you planted in corners. Do you notice the Porsche seat moving more in corners rather than straight ahead driving?

    Re: If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and resp

    I have the same seats, but I have not had the problem you described. I have had similar problems in other cars - my corvette, and BMW. However, none of my Porsches have had this problem, so I think you need to have the seat brackets and/or seat mounts tightened. Other than than, perhaps it is a defect in the inside of the seat cushion.


    Re: If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and resp

    Think there is definately a problem bdballa. I don't have any problems with mine at all and I've travelled almost the same miles as you.

    Re: If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and resp

    No problem here

    Re: If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and resp

    you should check it immediately and dont mind if they cant replicate the problem , This is their issue not yours.

    Re: If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and resp

    Thanks all for the input. Jeff...doesn't happen at all when cornering just as described.

    Re: If you have adaptive sport seats please read on and resp

    IMO, any half-decent mechanic can remove and examine the seat and find the problem. It is probably a loose bolt or fastener or guide or bracket somewhere amidst all the track-age for all the movements ot the seat.

    I guess they are too unmotivated to remove the seat and examine it closely. Meanwhile they're fumbling around on teh phone to get an explicit answer from Porsche so they can fix it in fifteen minutes and get reimbursed for two hours work.

    Something like that.



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