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    decision time GT3

    Just spoke to my dealer and I can take their 2nd car which would be a december production with delivery end december/january. I've currently got a C2S and love the look/sound/pureness of the GT3 but am a bit unsure if it will be too hardcore for me. I use my C2S every day to commute but I only do about 5,000 miles per annum.

    I was wondering peoples opinions regarding the future short term values of GT3. If I was to buy the car and sell it in say 6 months would I lose much money? Dealer says they have now stopped taking orders for GT3 as they don't think they can get any more cars. They are getting 2 this year and about 5 or 6 next year. I wouldn't want to buy it and have to sell it in the short term and take a huge loss.

    Cost to change I would imagine to be around Pounds25k

    What would you do?


    Re: decision time GT3

    If the main purpose of the car is 5,000 miles of commuting per year then the GT3 probably isn't for you. If you were a track day person it might be different, but for your intended use I'd stick with the C2S (and save a few bucks).

    Re: decision time GT3

    The thing is I am thinking about changing my C2S anyway and was wondering if the GT3 would be a 'cheap' car to run for say 6-12 months?

    If I keep my C2S it will go over 10k miles and I will have to buy tyres and extended warranty soon.

    Re: decision time GT3

    I understand. But no, changing cars, even the GT3, after 6-12 months is never cheap. Why would you want to get out of it that quickly?

    Re: decision time GT3

    Just in case I don't like it. Plus I don't think I will be able to resist the F430 itch for much more than another year!

    Re: decision time GT3

    Hmmm. I think that itch would go away quite rapidly after driving the GT3... Good luck.

    Re: decision time GT3

    Wolvy i am in the same situation as you matey Also had a C2S since jan05 and have placed my Pounds10k deposit for a GT3 for Jan07 build.Think im gonna go through with it as i reckon the GT3 will be awesome,maybe get even better reviews than the Turbo Pounds25-30k seems like a lot of money though to change up from our C2S to GT3

    Re: decision time GT3

    Yeah Pounds25-30k sounds a lot - not too sure - haven't specced out the GT3 yet but I'm guessing a nice spec is 80 something and not sure what the trade value will be on my 2S but I think it will be atleast Pounds25k difference. Better than the Pounds80k difference for a F430 though!

    What spec are you thinking of? Are you going for PCCB or not?

    Re: decision time GT3

    No Wolvy not going for PCCB .
    Gt silver,cgt seats,xenons,satnav,phone,silver or red belts,maybe clubsport.Not sure on clubsport ,would quite like the rollcage as no rear seats anyway in GT3,but that means the cgt seats are not leather alcantara but a flame retardent fabric instead.



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