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    breakn it in

    i'm on a mission to correctly complete the 2k break-in. living in the southwest were lucky that there's lots of really good trips that are easy to accomplish in a relatively short period of time. all road work, so i'm not stuck having to muck about with a lot of traffic. my state of mind for this has been greatly enhanced by you guys that are of the persuasion that these things aren't jewlery. their meant to be driven. their gonna get rock chips, windshields will get broken. the good news with all this, your having fun and porsche still has new parts for those that need replacing, you may not like the price but oh well..

    this pic is from my most recent trip. a couple of hundred miles. it had all the elements of a good time, twisty roads, mountain roads, 5 & 6th gear stuff and periods of heavy rain...there goes " never rained on " imo mechanical stuff needs to be used regularly or it's gonna deteriorate.

    500 miles. i like this car alot. my 6th porsche. one at a time. i don't have a stable of tony stuff to select from. this is it other than my toyota truck. my inital impressions are : the car is comfortable, it's very well built and best of all fun to drive.

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    beautiful car and beautiful pciture.
    enjoy your turbo in great health and keep pictures coming please

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    Yes, beautiful car... More pics please

    Re: breakn it in

    Congrats, car looks awesome!!!

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    thanks guys.. here's just somemore jibberish thoughts as i begin to accumulate some miles. perhaps they will be helpful for comparision purposes.. or not.

    oil consumption - after 500 miles the indicator is down one mark. i haven't taken the time to equate this to quantity in the manual.

    rear wiper - now with first hand rain experience i'm glad i dont have one even for free. the horror story threads initially convinced me, but now i know water dosen't ever get to the rear glass when at hwy. speed due to the profile.

    brake dust - non-pccb, which in my case is cool as a 10k brake job might have me in divorce court. anyway the accumulation of brake dust even in non-spirited driving is apparent. the designers did a masterful job on the wheel colors as in matches the dust 'zackly.

    adaptive seats - lots of adjustment and while hard they seem to be quite comfortable after several hrs. the heated seats which i had to test even if it's 90 outside are amazing. they get seriously hot quick. i'd suggest getting them even if you live in say florida as it might be a big deal to the next owner. cheap way to not blow a potential future sale

    6 disc cd. - kinda wish i didn't have one as the single disc works great. and it's inconvenient to try and figure out in advance what might suit your fancy down the road.

    pcm - after a little time it's fairly logical and easy to use. just fooling around with it was way better for me than slogging thru the manual.

    driving range - i was a little worried as to how far you could go on 17.7 gal. but it's not to bad as i'm getting right at 20 mpg. not even trying, actually trying more the opposite way.

    painted lower trim - if you go in this direction, imo you should consider getting pp film on it as it will get rock chipped with road use. i like the black front, sides and back.

    next up - 500 miles for saturday lunch. my wifes suggestion! and she isn't a car person.

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    Nice, Guards Red is what I have on order with Grey interior (same as my 993). Be carefull with the dust, it can stain and etch if it gets wet and stays on awhile. I use a cheap paint brush and soapy water to clean my rims. Clean inside/behind the rims with a small sponge. The dust is pretty nasty. I also wax my rims to help keep the stains from forming. Whats the deal with the rear wiper, it rains often here, so I selected it.


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    Guards red is classic, enjoy!



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