It's very very impressive
Extremely LOUD!!!
But I have to confess, not a nice as a NA engine, in the way that the noise was very loud, but still kinda, well, turbo charged....
You didn't get the a clear metallic noise like the Modena or even the 996 sport exhaust.
The Tubi on the Turbo was not crystal clear, the french word is etouffe, if anyone knows how to translate that in english, it's the word I'm looking for.
The owner said you can a very slight increase of power in the higher revs.
It is not disconnectable and most of all, so so so LOUD but not exactly what I would call beautiful.
PS: Had a ride on a Cayenne S as well, impressice averall but extremely disappointed by the VERY cheap feel of the interior.
If anyone knows the interior well, they'll know what I'm talking about.
The design is nice but why did they try to immitate alu with plastic!!! It's disgusting, the worst, it the little knos to control the airvents, you can tell SO MUCH that they are made of plastis, come on Porsche! Either use proper alumimium or good quality plastic like on the 996!!!