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    New car is here!!

    Hello community

    I'm as happy as a clam

    My new Lotus Elise has finally arrived at the dealer's and I can't wait to bring her home, which I will do this monday!

    Unfortunately we have snowy weather in Luxemburg at the moment, but it should get better next week...hopefully the rain will have washed away all the salt from the streets by then

    I took a quick photo with my cellphone's camera, needless to say, I did a poor job hehe, but you get the idea. Car is being washed, hence the shampoo marks

    The car is a 2007 Elise R with Sportspack, Air con. and the colour is Starlight Black.

    I'll post more on monday


    Re: New car is here!!

    Congrats Gauss!!!

    Looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


    Re: New car is here!!

    Congrats Gauss, i ve seen one at milano, and the car looks much much attractive in real than the photos. also the sound is perfect.

    Congrats and drive with fun

    Re: New car is here!!

    One of the sharpest cars on the street! Congrats!
    Hope you enjoy it to the fullest...and be careful!

    Re: New car is here!!

    Congrats! You're going to love it! Please post more pics once she's home!

    Re: New car is here!!

    congrats more pics please

    Re: New car is here!!

    Congrats! thats gotta be fun to drive!

    Re: New car is here!!

    congrats !! great car,i am looking to buy one from the united states since its cheaper and better equipped than europe..
    please post your driving impressions when you can

    Re: New car is here!!

    Very cool! Congratulations.

    Re: New car is here!!

    Nice, my parents neighbor in North Carolina has the same car but in blue

    Re: New car is here!!

    Congratulations Gauss! Enjoy it in good health.

    Re: New car is here!!

    mikigta said:
    congrats more pics please

    Yeah, we need more pictures!

    Re: New car is here!!

    Congrats Gauss - a wonderful toy
    And the Ring is just a hop away from Luxemburg....
    Do you have a Cayman S as your daily driver ?
    A comparo from a real user of both cars would be very nice

    Re: New car is here!!

    Great car you will love her. Take time breaking her in. not a Porsche...

    Here is a picture of my old girl - I regret selling her...



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