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    Cayenne Turbo at the ring

    UK mag Autocar reports that Porsche have taken the Cayenne Turbo round the ring in 8 minutes 42 seconds, in an apparently stock vehicle

    Re: Cayenne Turbo at the ring

    Well, not bad: 5 seconds faster than a Honda Civic Type-R.
    And 7 seconds faster than an Audi TT 1.8 T quattro.
    The Subaru Impreza GT Turbo is 5 seconds faster.

    My personal conclusion: the Cayenne Turbo is a very fast SUV but forget about track racing it.
    I saw the thing in Paris, it looks heavy and it is in fact heavy. I really don't understand why some people are talking about racing the Cayenne. This is no race car, it has no race car "genes" and it isn't even a real Porsche...yet.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo at the ring

    Why not forget about the track, once and for all...

    I agree that the cayenne is not a racing car, at least not for road racing.

    If you want the track day experience from your cayenne, you are better off finding a fast, empty trail road. Here, I think you will find the pleasure of driving the cayenne.

    Remember, not all races are on road. You also have off road events and rallys.

    Even a fast road car is most of the times out of place at a race track. If you don't agree just think of the difference slick tyres and suspension make.

    RC, is this true?

    I kind of have a feeling that your trip to Paris was more of a reality check to get you closer to Lambo. and Ferrari and I guess Cayenne can justify this shift, Am I right?

    Re: RC, is this true?

    Ron...unfortunately not true. I might buy a Cayenne Turbo and I might sell my 996 Turbo but this doesn't have any emotional but practical reasons. I can't afford having a 996 Turbo sitting in my garage just to look at it. Sad but true.
    I'm able to drive the Turbo for half an hour a week, sometimes I don't get the chance at all. And I didn't see a track for a very long time now. It doesn't make sense to keep such an expensive car in the garage. It hurts to see it every day sitting there and not being able driving it.
    The Cayenne Turbo would be the perfect car for me right now...lots of power and a lot of room for my family.
    I know, this is no substitute to a sports car (no matter what some Cayenne addicts seem to think on this forum) but at least it is a Porsche and the fastest thing I can drive right now.
    My wife gets a SLK 32 AMG for herself and I'll drive that car too if I need more fun. And I can't exclude that I'll buy another sports car (Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or whatsoever) in a few years again. Right now, my 996 Turbo is as useful as an athletes foot.

    My "dilemma" right now is: I don't like how the Cayenne Turbo looks. One reason why I'm still thinking about keeping my 996 Turbo and just wait for the upcoming Porsche GT maybe.

    Tough decision and yes, money is an issue too.

    Re: RC, is this true?

    Cayenne addict?me?...



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