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    666 phone review

    I am so happy I oredered this! After poor to moderate success in my BMW's and MB's with integrated phones, I almost blew this option off - what a mistake that would have been! This is, bar none, the best integrated phone solution I've seen - even better than the Bluetooth in my BMW.
    It works perfectly, the phone book transfers quickly, calls are easily made and received, and text messages are really easy to negotiate: both sending and receiving. I had a copy of my SIM card made while in China last month, so I just keep one in the Porsche and the other stays in my Cingular Razor.

    Re: 666 phone review

    I'm disappointed with the reception. While in not-so-populated areas every other hand held I've owned runs rings around the 666. Every thing else about it is fine with nothing to compare it to since it's my first integrated phone. I think I read that it transmits at a much higher power than hand-held's do. Doesn't help my end of the conversation when the other person sounds like they're on life support.

    BTW, how did you get the same numbered sim? I had to get another number and the car forwards if no answer.

    Re: 666 phone review

    Mine has greater signal strength (as indicated by the "bars) than the handheld phone does outside the car. The other party reports the 666 sounds perfectly clear. I've has similar problems to yours in my 645 BMW and the MB E55 - in each case the dealer discovered the external antenna coax cable was not connected - a 2 minute fix. The 666 in my car was the first one the dealer had ever had any experience with, so they didn't know anything about it, operation of the controls, etc. Good thing it works well!

    Same phone # on the SIM- it requires that I ensure the handheld is off when in the 997. Supposedly "illegal" to copy a SIM card in the USA with the same phone #, but China.....

    Re: 666 phone review

    This phone works great, even with the top down at 55-65 mph. Much better reception than my handheld.

    Re: 666 phone review

    Many SIM operators can give you a double sim card for a fee. I am not sure in USA though since the GSM technology was acknowledged way later than the rest of the world.

    I have the 666 option but never used it:) I was afraid that it would be the same with my M3. The second SIM card stays in the door bin I kepp using my phone. Is activating the phone in Porsche easy. Turning off one phone in order to use the other one seemed to much work for me before.

    Re: 666 phone review

    Does the radio volume decrease when using the phone?

    Re: 666 phone review

    drbf said:
    Does the radio volume decrease when using the phone?

    radio is muted



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