If some of you guys are so worried about the weighting, then proportionalize it to your own scale and recongure the results until a Porsche wins.

Nick has a point. Given the parameters Road and Track is expected to consider and present to their average reader, there is little reason to complain about the results. Why should they adjust the formula so that it confirms an emotional decision? The "In my opinion" side bars are for picking cars on a more subjective scale. The fact that Nick drives a Ferrari does little to diminish truth about the article. He sees value in his Ferrari, you may see value in your Porsche, and meanwhile there is some guy out there who would rather have a C6 Vette.

If an F360 or even F430 was in the test, it would have lost major points for price. When you include so many different cars in one test, this is just what happens when a static formula decides the winner. So what? Magazine tests are good ways to read about the cars that interest you, but they should never serve to justify your purchase. If you require that, then you are either unsure about your purchase or have an easily bruised ego.

Get over it.

- J

PS: Maybe I am just used to this kind of thing, haven grown up on American magazines. I did not discover European magazines, or more focused U.S. magazines like Sports Car International, until more recently.

Take these things with a grain of salt. How does it fit your needs and desires?