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    A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    To the simple little cretinous bastard who vandalised my car last night.

    I hope your pus flled existence is justified in the grand meaning of life, and that you die a horrible and pain filled death at the hand of a homicidal manic wielding a blunt spoon.

    The 3kg pestle you took took to the side of my car has left 5 massive dents resutling in an expensive repair bill and general dismay at the human character.

    I can only hope that as you wake up this morning in your flea ridden disease pit, that you feel even a slight tint or remorse. It doesn't matter anyway because you are going to burn in hell for the rest of eternity.

    May your balls be cut off with a slow moving vice. I hope you sleep at night, you fuPoundsk.

    Rant over.


    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    im sorry..

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Little b@stards!!!!!

    I hate this kind of thing, really fecks me off!

    Sorry to hear it mate, really am... Some git decided it would be nice to pull the badge of mine recently. Although they were not succsessfull and just ended up making a mess... Why?

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    This is becoming more widespread lately i hate to say - i know of a 996 owner in Nantwich with his car off the road for a 130 hour, glass out full respray after a keying incident. He's without the car for a month !

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    No wonder car insurance is so damn expensive here in the UK. I've been quoted Pounds1100 for 12 mths fully comp. It costs a fortune thanks to these b*stards who keep keying cars like ours.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Really sorry to hear that. Toerags. The only comfort you can have is that such single-celled lifeforms will almost certainly never be in a position to own cars like we have.

    Symptom of politically correct UK where no discipline + no deterrent if caught = ar$eholes like that. Should be tied to a stake at low water mark on a lonely beach somewhere.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Sorry for you !
    I once found my Boxster with an all around car key scratch. Every panel had been voluntary touched! Don't let this narrow minded person have an impact on you person and your kindness, you'd loose twice

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Bring back the bobby on foot - a good clip round the ear hole never hurt some of us, and would do the younger yob generation a world of good

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Sorry bud, there are so many sick jealous mofo's out there.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Sorry to learn that happened to your Boxster. Its truly sad.
    Rule 303 is not good enough for such people. Even a slow underwater swim in a pit of offal would be too good for them.

    No doubt you worked hard to achieve your dreams and those people just think their vandalism is a act of social revenge.

    Take it personally. Hunt them down and make their lives miserable. They have no right to destroy your property.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    I feel your rage, and cannot understand a society where this behavior is tolerated. Singapore has the right approach to this vandalism, consequently they don't seem to have that problem!

    Once I had a taxi driver in Singapore ask me how I liked his country? I replied that it is a very nice place, but a little oppressive from the standpoint of freedom of speech. He looked at me in the rear view mirror and said where are you from? The USA , I replied, he eyed me again and asked, "is there anyplace in your country where you would be afraid to travel to at anytime of the day or night? Many places , I replied, he said here I can go to any part of Singapore at anytime with no worries about my personal safety, thats kind of a freedom too, isn't it!

    So in our western cultures we seem to be more attuned to the freedoms of the maladjusted at the expense of the general law abiding productive members of society.

    I can understand a robbery, but mindless, senseless vandalism is inexplicable!

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Thanks for all your thoughts folks.

    I am still waiting for the Police to contact me as I have the weapon of chice which was found beside the car. I also have been down to the Porsche bodyshop for the quote and it looks like Pounds8.5k. Still, I think I will get it repaired (new panels, they can't be repaired) the sell it. I simply can't be a nervous wreck for the rest of my ife with this car. I will be sorry to see it go, but I just won't have the same 'worry factor' over a GOlf GTi. I can always come back to Porsche in a few years time when I have a house big enough with a garage.

    Till then, I'll get it repaired with Porsche, then sell.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Hey JZ,

    I think we all feel your pain because of the shared passion we all have for our cars. I don't know what else to say because I cannot understand the type of behaviour that would compel someone to do such a thing. I just hope you can eventually drive another Porsche and enjoy it without the worry.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Terrible! Sorry to hear of this cowardly , despicable....act .

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Ouch, the feeling of violation is awful, I know.

    It is hard advice to accept, but just let it blow through you and find peace again. The fury only tortures you, not him.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    I am so sorry..... I really dont [beep] understand their pleasure...

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    incredible...I'm sorry

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    So sorry to hear about this....I am sure you must be enraged. Just remember what goes around comes around, those nasty little f&*%kers will wallow in it - thats for sure

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    I expect it won't be long before the 'next big thing' on the options list is in-car CCTV surveilance! After-all, there are already reversing cameras on many cars, and 'black box' cameras in rear view mirrors to record seconds of video preceeding an accident... To my mind, it's the next logical step!

    Sorry to hear this incident is making you sell your car, but I'd probably be thinking along the same lines.

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    What an [beep] whoever did that was!

    Think carefully about selling though - I had a Pounds1k Honda Accord targeted like that for no particular reason.

    CCTV may help but London is no place for a nice car!

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    In NZ we're almost free from that (relatively).

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    I'd be interested in seeing statistics on which car marques are vandalized the most.

    Remember the sage advise,--don't allow some fool to screw up the rest of your day. Anything made by man can be corrected by man. Of course, if you should happen to run into the little cretin someplace how he met a terrible fate would be our little secret!

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Sorry to hear about your car real B%^$Pounds" and some , tell me i live in the Countryside middle of no where and i have to garage the 997TT evey night wait for it not for theft cover for vandal cover from the Insurance C0 !! does that not tell you what the UK is now like , its long gone and its never coming back its a downhill run with no pit at the bottom , even if they did catch him or you had CCTV what would he / IT get ! 20 hours community service what a joke law and order is in the UK as is the Tax all Brown system . cannot wait to get out of this rat infested Dump that was once called Great Britain ( now re-named Great Dumpster ) and has now become the butt of many jokes from supposed EU partners and many other countries around the world

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    In a similar vein, I was driving at 3.30am this morning on Marylebone Road in Central London. Had to take a family member to the airport.

    Anyway, I was passed on Marylebone Road (which has 2-3 lanes, I was in the slowest left lane, the car passing me was in the faster right hand lane) by 4-5 guys in their 20s in a Toyota Avensis/Carina (they all look the same to me). Once past, the front passenger winds down his window and, for no reason whatsoever, he shows me the finger. Why?? I hadn't done anything. Hadn't blocked anyone. I put it down to pure jealousy on their part and the fact that they are idiotic bozos.

    I suppose I could just say that there are always going to be some idiots on the road but then again I could say that the UK is going down the toilet....maybe it's already there!

    Re: A rage only a Porsche owner can know....

    Im sorry to hear about your sad story JZ, but why are you selling the porsche after repair?



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