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    Supercharging? TPC Racing

    Short Version:
    Has anyone already done or thought about the idea of supercharging their n/a P-car? This kit claims about 500 hp and 415 ft/lbs for $12K. Slapped on a GT3 it would mean murder for a lot of TT's - maybe even give the GT2 a run for its money.

    Long Version:
    By coincidence, I was driving through Jessup, Maryland about 6AM this morning coming back from a one night stand that began in Georgetown, but somehow ended up in Baltimore. (Don't ask - the peenis was doing the driving last night).

    I decide since the traffic is light, I always wanted to take local Route 1 from Baltimore to D.C. - now's the perfect time to do it and see all the local towns I usually blast by on I-95 or the Balt-Wash Parkway.

    I was STARVING and pulled over when I found a local diner (Frank's) in a town called Jessup. Grabbed some breakfast, payed the tab and as I walked out, I look across street and see a used 996 GT3 front clip stickered up and loaded with rubber sling-off laying in the parking lot

    Now Jessup has that real sleepy town feel where you can tell nothing exactly happens at a expedited pace. As a matter of fact, with the exception of the local neon sign or rehabbed hotel, it looks like it hasn't changed much since the late 60's - so the LAST thing I expect to see is signs of modern life in the form of a 996 GT3 front end.

    Curiously I walk over and see about 7 more stacked behind it and a bunch of assorted body bits - crashed fenders, rear clips, quarter panels.

    But what jumps out at me is all the Rolex 24hrs of Daytona stickers! Hmmm...Hmmm... Have I just stumbled onto a legitimate race shop?
    Walk around a bit peek inside the window. Too dark to see inside. Then I look around - and there's an umarked pristine high dollar rig and hauler with some serious built-in sodium gas lights in the hauler. Well, you only need those if you're night racing and you usually leave your trailer unmarked if you're carrying some pretty expensive gear in the hold and want to go unnoticed.

    What is this place ... Look for signage .... here it is - TPC Racing / Porsche.

    I think, "Hmmm...when I get the internet, I'm going to search these ...." - and then my train of thought is suddenly broken by a spotlight and that distinct engine and electronics hum of a Police Cruiser.

    I get that "Oh sh*t" pinchy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Apparently, somehow ole Heist temporarily forgot he's an out-of-town black guy, with a black sweat hoody on, black slacks, black shoe-sneakers, walking around a parking lot full of Porache bits at twilight in the morning, looking like he's sizing up and casing the joint
    So of course this intrusion on my investigation is completely racially motivated!

    Cop asks what I'm doing - I explain, he asks for my identification, runs it, comes back clean (Hey those umpteen parking tickets I have in D.C., they haven't translated to a warrant yet! ) and says I'm trespassing and to be about my away.

    "Yes, Officer." and I'm outta there.

    Anyway, apparently these guys won the 24 Hrs of Daytona back in 06 - no small undertaking. But these also specialize in making P's handle better and produce some serious HP with Porsches with the aid of Superchargers instead of Turbos. A $12K kit for the 997 yields 503(!)Hp at the crank. That's about 20 more than a TT and probably just a bit shy of what the upcoming TT-S will put out.

    Given these guys are some hardcore racers, I doubt these numbers are padded either.

    Re: Supercharging? TPC Racing

    Keep in mind your $12K and murdering TT's and perhaps GT2's (If at all), the $12K will get you nothing more than acceleration. You will have no handling or braking and stability of the TT or GT2. Not to mention that you will have a mutant that will spend half of his life being repaired. I spent $25K on a C2 Turbo and OMG was it fast but OMG did it break down left and right. Trust me my friend spend a little more and get a GT3.

    Re: Supercharging? TPC Racing

    Someone else mentioned braking and stability, but we're talking about 95% identical cars with the exception of PCCB and maybe tweaking your toe and camber settings to GT3 spec.

    Re: Supercharging? TPC Racing

    If you are going to SC, why not try RUF's conversion? It's more expensive but their work is more complete and comes with a 2 year warranty. But, like edz61 mentioned, for the approximately $25k for the RUF, one might as well get a Turbo.



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