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    Is this a good deal? U.S.

    I'm a newbie to the board and look for some advice. Looking at 2007 Carrera S and have done all the searches to for pricing info. Regardless of how one pays for the vehicle we all look to get what is (in our mind) a good deal. So, with that said, I am looking for some feedback on the below configuration and pricing. I thank you in advance for your feedback.

    South Central USA
    2007 Carrera S (no special paint)
    MSRP - $92,625 (w/0 dest); Deal - $88,000

    CGA - Headlight cleaner Cvr Ext Clr
    XRR - 19" Carrera Sport Wheel
    XLF - Sport Exhaust System
    M6A - Black Mats
    C02 - US Std Emissions
    640 - Sport Chrono Package Plus
    342 - Heated Front Seats
    267 - Self Dimming Mirrors
    P15 - Power Seat Package
    680 - Bose High End Sound

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    $5k off sticker is a reasonable deal. Some buyers have received larger discounts, others smaller. For my tastes, the car is optioned well (I like cars fairly basic). Make sure the car is what YOU want. Saving a couple of grand on a $90k car that does not have the features you really want is a mistake that does not need to be made.

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    On price, you can do a few bucks better.
    Kentucky/Tenn/PA/ Ohio market is an entirely different animal than FLA or California.

    It is always a little unnerving and uncomfortable haggling with these guys, but there's an easy $2K - $3K in your pocket just by asking the dealer to knock that off the $88K price... just look at the 997 inventories of dealers within 500 miles of you, they are flush with 997. The dealer will still earn around $5K on the deal even if they settle for about $85K.

    A few months ago I declined a dealer's offer in Ohio to build me an '07 997 C4S for 7% off msrp, which equated to a discount of around $7K-- that was for an ordered-to-spec car.

    The dealer will come down, just ask for it-- if they already know you are serious, call them with your offer... the hard part will be that it may take a few hours or a day before they phone you back and acquiesce. Looks like a nice spec! .

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    Alot of folks have traded up for the 997TT and that means there are alot of quality used 997s out there to choose from. Shop around

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    All good points to consider. In working the numbers, I was at the same place you were with pricing. I will get back to and ask for the price I want and we'll see if they bite. Thanks!

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    If you are getting it at Posche of Lexington, then you must be buying off of the lot and no trade-in. I ordered mine there and paid MSRP, but I was trading a car for roughly the price that they could sell it for, and did.

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    I ordered mine in KY, got 7% off a custom Euro delivery C4S in the Spring of '06. However, I had to listen to them tell me what a favor they did me from start to finish.

    I think you can do better on a C2S and even better if it is off the lot!

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    Looks like a fair deal to me.

    Re: Is this a good deal? U.S.

    tkids said:
    I ordered mine in KY

    Kentucky must have a wormhole directly to Stuttgart! My 997 was a dealer "swap" from Porsche of Lexington. Well probably not a swap but rather an outright purchase from Lexington by my dealer. One day they had almost no 2006 997 (this was last July) and about two weeks later they had about a dozen "new" 997s on the lot. After looking at the MSRP stickers they all came from Lexington.

    I think the MY2007 were just rolling off the assembly line about that time and I will make the guess that Lexington had a LOT of stock and was getting rid of them to replace them with 2007 units.



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