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    AMG C63

    How come nobody talks about this car ?

    Any articles ? Pros or Cons ?

    temm and kreso you 2 are quite on C63.

    Re: AMG C63

    Suspect C63 is a work in progress as AMG sizes up M3 and tweaks C63 perf before US launch in Spr08 (I suspect AMG's preemptive anncmt of C63 was a bit of a vaporware anncmt in advance of M3, sort of like 997TT 2.0 vaporware anncmt in anticipation of Dino )....will likely be a more useable car than M3 w/superior tq and a fast autobox (rather than a Luddite manual)....and suspect AMG brakes and 63 motor will prove more robust than BMW's....

    Prob that C63 or M3 (and all higher-end/discretionary cars) will likely encounter is slowing US economy, esp for "aspirational" lease terms will be key determinants of US sales success...e.g., I vaguely recall that, at time of US launch of M5, one could obtain a $0-down, 2yr lease of M5 for some 20% cheaper than 2yr lease of then-current, but soon-to-be-obsoleted, E55; a much bigger delta than the nominal MSRP diffce...mth lease pmts are critical for the aspirational buyer mkt....

    And many potential buyers will also consider stretching/waiting to obtain a more classic sportscar icon like 997S 2.0 (esp if has PDK)....or consider getting a deep-discounted/cheap-lease, new S63 (if one needs a fast, spacious kid-hauler that wives may more readily approve)....

    What's always amusing is how car mags (understandably) paint the romantic notion of comparing nuances of various 0-xxx/NBR times (on non-street tires of course )....but vast majority of buyers have a lim mth lease pmt for which their wife signed-off; and the car is used 95%++ of time for straight-line commuting on imperfect, congested urban roads and for hauling kids and wife around on wkends on similarly boring roads....real-world constraints on both discretionary car leases and relevant perf parameters....

    Re: AMG C63

    Ron (Houston) said:
    How come nobody talks about this car ?

    Any articles ? Pros or Cons ?

    temm and kreso you 2 are quite on C63.


    First drive reports in German mags are positive but, I still have few doubts about C63.
    Only with 030 Performance Package it becomes really interesting car and this package features 19", different chassis setup, 280km/h max and even different brakes setup. So, go figure...
    Also, it will not be faster on either Hockenheim or Nordschleife then new M3.

    Re: AMG C63



    Car and Driver:


    And most important, EVO:

    "In a 4 door saloon this sort of energy feels monstrous......rapid, unstressed, utterly linear manner all the way to the 7200rpm limiter, as 120mph appears from nowhere. Overtakes snap your head back & corners arrive so rapidly that fast sweepers can begin to look a bit tight. It is a seriously, seriously quick car. There are no traction issues either .

    It just demolishes roads. Throw the car at a sequence of corners & it moves as one through them, front & rear ends in unison. Grip is huge. It's ground covering ability is up there with the Subarishis.

    The C63 has undoubtedly sealed its place alongside the M3 & RS4. No longer is it the obvious bronze medal of the trio. But has it beaten them? In terms of looks, yes. From A to B as quickly as possible, yes. The most enjoyable, not quite. The paddle shift still isn't quite beyond reproach, particularly next to the Bimmer's fantastically slick manual. And brilliant & impressive though the C63's chassis is, the malleability of the BMW still shines through & gets the nod.

    Oh, and if I wanted to transport 1500 litres of stuff & have coat hooks on the tailgate? Then yes, I'd have a C63 AMG, because the estate should reach us at the same time as the saloon next summer."

    Star rating 4.5 out of 5 (massive power, crushing pace)

    Re: AMG C63

    Thanks temm and kreso .

    Re: AMG C63

    I've seen a C350 with some kind of (AMG?) body kit and it looked very good. The C63 will surely be even better - IMO much better looking than the new M3.

    Obviously, the RS4 (discontinued?)/M3/C63 cost about the same, seat 4 and are about equal in performance.

    It really boils down to what you like. My money would be on the C63. I'm sure car magazines will compare these three ASAP. I'd be surprised if it wins any tracks comparisons, but it will be MUCH closer to its competition than in the past. Straight line performance will, however, be more than comparable.

    MB seems to be on the right track with this car. At least it weighs under 4,000lbs.



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