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    996 Cup holders

    anyone here ever install 996 cup holders into their 99' 996
    i need help with installation, any instructions or advice?

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    Not recieving much help here I see!
    What type of cup holders are you referring to?

    I bought a set of Porsche OE cup holders that snap into the side air vents. No install necessary. Inexpensive and high quality. When not in use they fold together for storage. I keep one in each door pocket. (they are L & R)
    Sorry no pix, but I can post later if you want.



    Re: 996 Cup holders

    996cal said:
    anyone here ever install 996 cup holders into their 99' 996
    i need help with installation, any instructions or advice?

    The only ones that fit in a MY99 look like this:

    If this is what you have PM me with your email address and I'll send the instructions.

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    Could you post a pic of the side air vent oem cup holders? Where did you get them I have never seen them?

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    You could get the ones that slide into the window seal that you buy at gas stations and car washes.

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    Hi again,

    This is what my snap-in cup holders look like. They are held in place by three little pegs, one of which is spring loaded and can be depressed with a button. The pegs lock into three small holes in the side of the vent moulding. My Carrera is a european MY99. I don't know if all cars have these molding but if so, you'll find them by the arrows in second picture.

    Pic 1, in place:

    Pic 2, folded:

    These holders don't obscure any instruments or controls and IF you should spill your drink it ends up on the floor, or at worst on you knee, instead of in you radio/AirCon/PCM!

    I don't know if these are available in the US, but i bought them at my local P-dealership here in Stockholm.

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    The cup holders in my 03 C2 are a modern masterpiece. When I looked t the car, I thought "geez those or chintzy, they'll never work". But after I used them a couple of times, I am a beleiver that they are awesome.

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    I don't get the combination cupholder and sportscar? I've never used the one in mine..

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    those are nice wish we could get them in the US.

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    The 986 came out before the 996 in the US. Those side vent cup holders were removed by the US dealers in 1997 Boxsters. They were shown on a page in the 1997 owners's manual. That page was removed from the 1998 manual and a slip of paper was put in stating that they would be redesigned.

    This never happened. So us older Boxster owners bought the original design from Germany. My German friend got me the left/driver's side at a German Porsche dealer.

    Then PCNA started selling them as parts about 5 years ago. We were told that when the new design came out we would get free cup holders of the new design. Never happened.

    The holes they clip to went away in 2001, when the second generation came out.

    Re: 996 Cup holders

    quote] I don't get the combination cupholder and sportscar? I've never used the one in mine..[

    Basically I agree. Thats why I keep them stowed away most of the time. It's just that I use my car almost every day and sometimes I do make a quick stop and pick up a coffe or so on the fly... Then I quickly hide my cupholders again!




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