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    B&M SSK & Great Vendor Experience

    I had the B&M under car short shift kit installed in my '04 Carrera today, and really like it a lot. You can select 10%, 20% or 30% shift throw reduction--I went with 30%. It attaches between the gear cord and the transmission.

    The throw from 3rd to 4th, as an example, decreased from 5" stock to 3.5" with the B&M (30%). The shifts are much more defined, but not notchy (if that's a word). Shifting effort is increased a bit (due to physics), but it's a welcomed shifting tightness. Left to right travel is unchanged, so you won't accidently downshift from 5th to 2nd.

    I got it from Brandywine Porsche for $175. As usual, Justin Lane was great. There was a mix up (apparently caused by mislabeling by B&M) and I originally got the wrong part, but Justin stepped up got it fixed.

    For you bay area folks, I had it installed at Akkurat in Menlo Park . I can't say enough about their professionalism and expertise...and they're great guys to boot! They recognized it was the wrong part, and worked with B&M, along with Justin, and had the correct part FedEx'd to them today. George Young is a great guy.

    Here's a pic of the gear cords attached to the transmission before installation:

    B&M short shifter kit:

    B&M with locking plate:

    Herre's a comparison, with stock shift throws on top, and B&M on bottom. The throw reduction in 3rd gear is misleading, because neutral with the B&M is moved forward a bit.

    For those (like me) who wanted shorter shift throws, but were concerned with overly difficult shifting, I can say that this is the ticket.

    Now I just need to figure a way to lower my car without increasing ride harshness...

    Re: B&M SSK & Great Vendor Experience

    Thanks for the post and pics Poursha

    Sounds like the short shifter was the way to go....

    Re: B&M SSK & Great Vendor Experience

    Great shots, thanks for sharing. I've been thinking on making the same move you did. Do you think this under the car short shift is better than the in car shift regarding stiffness? Thanks in advance.


    Re: B&M SSK & Great Vendor Experience

    I can't say from personal experience since I've never driven a car with the in car kit, but I've read where several people have complained of the increased shifting effort (or notchiness) with the in car kit, particularly when the car is cold. Some have uninstalled it as a result. There was one member of another board who had the in car kit in one car, and when he got a new Carrera, had the under car unit installed because he didn't like the in car kit.

    The in car kit is very popular, so I'm sure it's great, but I was concerned about too much shifting effort and went with the under car kit, and like it a lot.



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