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    What is the better choice?

    Hello everyone, I'm outside the U.S., and have the following available. What is the better choice?

    997 Midnight Blue

    997S Basalt Black
    No PASM

    Roads are not very good here. So i'm worried about the 19" and no spare tire. But I do like the Basalt Black and the extra oomph with the S engine.

    Is the ride harsh on a 19" with no PASM?

    The car is in another country, and they have no 997 for me to test drive. I have to buy it on blind faith.


    Re: What is the better choice?

    I thought all 997S came with PASM standard.


    Re: What is the better choice?

    In the UK and US all 997S come with PASM as standard. Outside the US you can order the 20mm ride height reduction with sport suspension and the LSD. I have a 997S with 19" wheels and PASM. Whilst waiting for my car to be delivered I was loaned a standard 997 on 18" wheels with no PASM. My car on 19" wheels is noticably softer riding than the loan car without PASM on 18" wheels.

    My conclusion would be that either a non-PASM car on 19" wheels or worse a sport suspension with 19" wheels would be too firmly sprung for me for everyday driving. I know some of you masochists would disagree with me but that would be my opinion esp if, as you do, you sound worried about this.

    Does this make any sense???

    Re: What is the better choice?

    Tricky one...Personally I'd look some more.

    If I got the 997 I'd regret not having the extras of the S (no flames, personal opinion) I have a midnight blue one, so I'm color biased.
    Basalt black is also a great color (my next favorite along with Atlas grey).....I happen to really like the PASM....It allows for a great schitzophrenic personality. Comfortable AND when you want it sporty...FYI, I think the roads are pretty cr@p here in LA, and I find the stiffer setting of the PASM a bit of a bone shaker after a while.....Presumably the S you are looking at has 20 mm option....I think that you'll find it an uncomfortable ride.

    Where are you, Croatia?

    Re: What is the better choice?

    Thank you for everyone's comment. The cars are in Panama, and they would have to bring it to Costa Rica

    I'll have to find out if the put in the -20mm option when they took out the pasm on the S.

    If the ride on the S non pasm is harsh, would replacing it with 18" be better? The roads in the city is not very good. But highway to the beach is really nice, lots of twisty curves too.

    Will the spare tire on a 996 fit on a 997S? I definetly would want to take it for peace of mind when going on a road trip.

    Re: What is the better choice?

    well i think you can put the 18" on the S but with winter tyres dont know what happenes with summer tires..

    maybe you should give more credit to PASM

    Buy the base with PASM and add some 19" wheels

    Re: What is the better choice?

    The more you describe your situation the more I become concerned that you might be being offered a 997 incorrectly badged as a 997S. It was on this forum that Leong offered a "what's wrong with this picture?", where the car was labled an S but a simple look at the photo revealed it was a base 997.

    By the way, you may not get a smoother ride by switching from 19" to 18" wheels. The opposite may be the case based upon another poster's observation when switching from his 18" winter tires to 19" summer tires.

    As suggested in another forum, get the full options list.

    Re: What is the better choice?

    if only that worked the other way around too

    Re: What is the better choice?

    Thanks everyone for your help and input!

    Problem solved. Its a 997S with PASM. The Costa Rica Porsche dealership is getting their cars from Panama. And info they got from Panama was wrong. So I had to get them on the telephone and talk to the other office.

    They confirmed it was a mistake, and indeed the 997S does have PASM. I guess the salesperson is not to bright, considering they don't sell a lot of 997 in this country.

    Anyways, long story short, I am now an official short waiter. the PCM with MP3 player for the 06 model almost made me want to wait...But what the heck, life is short and I should enjoy it. My 997S Basalt Black will be here in 2 to 3 weeks! Yay!

    Re: What is the better choice?

    well done!!



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