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    The Lexus RX400h has been introduced and is getting generally good reviews. There is a review online in Autoweek (link to web page) and TheCarConnection (link to web page). Car and Driver also has a review in their current issue.

    This is the hybrid system that Porsche is rumored to have an interest in. The reviews indicate Toyota is creating a more performance oriented vehicle with this hybrid. It has more horsepoweer and outperforms the RX330.

    The photo below is from TheCarConnection.

    Re: RX400h

    Re: RX400h

    Crazy how the Hybrids are outperforming the
    orignal polluters. Ha

    But i think this is what the market was
    aiming for. Most of the population feels
    that their compensating and spending more
    money on a car that wont perform as well
    as the orignal.

    Re: RX400h

    The interesting thing about this car: if you switch the electric generators on at the same time you're using the fuel engine, you get a power boost of around 50-60 horses for a few seconds. Very nice "overboost" feature.

    Re: RX400h

    Yes, this hybrid is engineered with the driving enthusiast in mind. It's a good system for Porsche to be looking at. I just read an interview with Fujio Cho, president of Toyota (link to web page), and the company is very commited to the hybrid concept. He even thinks they will be used in conjuction with fuel cells someday.

    Also, thanks for the additional photos ozr.

    Re: RX400h

    Very interestin thanks Gary .

    Re: RX400h

    ...also these EXTRA electric HPs, as Toyota claims, are INSTANTLY available in a stop-go-stop-go scenario, in a BELOW 1000 RMP range (if you can apply such "gas engine" terminology to the electric engine)!

    On a contrary best POOLING gas engines (even in a Mercedes AMG street POOLERS) need some time to "warmup to about 2000 RMPs"/"achieve some RMPs", to start really POOL and use all of it's torque...

    ...the most interesting thing I like about it, as per Toyota... , they claim, it does NOT require any trips to ELECTRO "gas station"...I assume FREQUENT trips... They claim, it's own gas engine will constantly recharge it's electric engines... Toyota probably is OVEROPTIMISTIC about this...

    ...but real car on the street will tell...

    Really good job, Toyota!

    Re: RX400h

    While the improved performance on the street over the standard 330 seems cool, what concerns me is the AWD being totally dependant on the rear electric motor.

    What happens when you are in inclement weather, say alot of snow, and traveling up a mountain where alot of rwd traction is needed. How long before the battery wears down and leaves you in fwd only?



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