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    Options code redefined!

    I posted this in the 997 Turbo forum but I thought you folks would find this useful too.

    With the help of Larry (Over the Hill). I've managed to put together one of the first of a comprehensive series of images and options codes showing what they are. Please feel free to take your own pictures and post them online along with the option codes too. This will help folks decide what options to order for their cars.

    425 - Rear wiper

    509 - Fire Extinguisher

    DAD vs ECA vs DAW vs DAX. We never did figure out whether or not DAW/DAX includes CDZ (gear shift trim in leather) because apparently if you get DAX or DAW, you cannot get CDZ so it's possible that either one of those two options already includes CDZ. Anyone confirm that yet?

    CDZ - Gear shift trim in leather

    CUV - Storage compartment lid with model logo

    CUV - Storage compartment lid with model logo XMZ - rear center console in leather and DAD - aluminum (real) ebrake handle

    CXB - Door entry guards stainless steel illuminated

    DAD - Ebrake handle in aluminum (real) and XMZ - rear center console in leather

    DAD - gear shift knob in aluminum (real)

    EAA - Switch panel in leather package (thanks to TulsaTurbo)

    ECA - Ebrake handle in aluminum (real)

    ECA - Shift knob in aluminum (real)

    ECA - Ebrake handle + shift knob in aluminum (real) and XMZ - rear center console in leather

    XMP - Leather sun visors


    XMZ - Rear center console in leather

    XNS - Steering column in leather

    XSB - Sport seat back in leather (includes aluminum painted lower sections too

    XTV - Door finishers in leather

    XXZ - Aluminum footrest

    XZD - Dome light cover in leather

    CUR - PCM Package Leather

    BTW, this is the CF trim pieces which I have for sale. PM me.

    803 - Carbon package

    And thanks for the clarification on whether or not DAW/DAX includes CDZ.

    692 Remote CD Changer (6 Disc)

    CXF - Red tailights but also shows 635 - Park Assist System

    I've since then removed these lights.

    431 - Standard multi-function steering wheel with 982 - Supple Leather Front and Rear

    CPA - Thicker rims with multifunction steering wheel (better picture)

    XPA Thicker Steering Wheel-Leather (standard sport version)

    More options (thanks to gradyex)

    CUJ - Fuse box trim in leather

    XTG - Inner sill parts release in leather and CXB - Door entry guards stainless steel illuminated

    DAA - Interior Pkg A Pillar Leather and EAA - Switch panel in leather

    Re: Options code redefined!

    wow good job bro !!

    Re: Options code redefined!

    Thanks for a Really Nice presentation. I am sure your put in a LOT of time and it's appreciated.

    Re: Options code redefined!

    Excellent! Thanks, atomic!

    And it brings back memories of specing my C4S Cab.

    Re: Options code redefined!

    Thanks atomic! Very useful thread!

    Re: Options code redefined!

    @ atomic: very nice work

    @ Easy: welcome back from your holiday - hope you enjoyed it to the max Looking forward to the pics...

    Re: Options code redefined!

    Why are the "illuminated door sills" not illuminated? Wouldn't make sense if they just illuminate once you turned on the ignition.

    Re: Options code redefined!

    Thanks for all the info. The rear console in leather is just the sides covered? The top remains plastic?

    CUJ - Fuse box trim in leather

    CUJ - Fuse box trim in leather - I'm for SURE ordering that for my next car !! I think that's a MUST HAVE for sure !!!

    Re: CUJ - Fuse box trim in leather

    They ARE illuminated, just hard to see in the daylight. And the rear center console is covered entirely in leather. Only the "pocket" section in the very back isn't covered in leather.

    Re: Options code redefined!

    Porsche-Jeck said:
    @ Easy: welcome back from your holiday - hope you enjoyed it to the max Looking forward to the pics...

    Thanks Porsche-Jeck It was absolutely AMAZING! I got back last night and plan to post A LOT of pics and a full commentary in due course...

    Re: Options code redefined!

    Larry suggested that I post these pictures of these very useful additions too.

    BMW oil case (velcro attached to interior) along with the first aid kit

    Another view. This oil case can be had for about $5 from your BMW dealership. BTW, I have the Porsche first aid kit from Suncoast Porsche but it's no longer being offered.

    Griot's garage gas flap kit ($10)

    Re: Options code redefined!

    This is an outstanding collection of pics/codes for those harder to find options. Thanks for putting it together !!!!!



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