The August issue of Evo magazine has two different articles on the 997 - Starting on page 95 is a very positive review of the 997S and starting on page 101 they compare the 997 with a BMW 645 Ci, Noble's GTO-3R, and very interestingly, the 996. Their conclusion:

997 - 5 stars
645 Ci - 4 stars
Noble - 4 stars
996 - 4.5 stars

"So, as expected, the sternest rival for the 997 is the 996. The new car does almost everything better while losing only a fraction of the older car's appeal, and I suspect a standard 997 Carrera with 18in wheels and without PASM will deliver more of the feel that 911 purists currrently enjoy in the 996. However, the big seller in the UK is expected to the Carrera S, which has PASM and 19s as standard. Oh, and the 350bhp engine, which is much faster and more thrilling than the 29bhp hike would suggest. In fact, an S with the sports suspension option and the excellent sport seats could well be the best permutation currently available. Think of it as a GT3 before Porsche gets around to it."