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    Boxster Order: Power Seat vs. Manual?

    For long-legged drivers, what is better, power or manual seats? I've heard two sides: one side says that the electric motors in the power seat keep it from going as low as the manual; the other side says that the electric seats allows for more minute adjustment than the manual.

    The goal: Adjust the seat to get maximun legroom AND sufficent seatback recline so that the driver isn't sitting uncomfortably straight up.


    Re: Boxster Order: Power Seat vs. Manual?

    The two "sides" don't sound mutually exclusive. It is possible to have less legroom and more minute adjustment within the remaining range...

    Re: Boxster Order: Power Seat vs. Manual?

    If you can, go sit in the cars that have a manual and an electronic seat, then decide. I am 6'3" and have electric seats, but haven't really ever changed my driving position, so in hindsight, I would have gone for manual.

    Re: Boxster Order: Power Seat vs. Manual?

    Thanks. I'm 6'4" and thinking of getting a Boxster/Cayman. On a Cayman test drive I had enough leg room with the seat all the way to the rear, but the seatback recline was too steep for comfort (against the firewall). It almost seemed that I would need to move the seat forward somewhat to achieve a comfortable seatback recline. I have a 997 now with power seats which give me plenty of legroom and plenty of recline.

    Appreciate your suggestions . . . .

    Re: Boxster Order: Power Seat vs. Manual?

    The seatback recline is definitely in issue in these cars. I'm 6"1' and the recline is, fortunately, just enough. In the Boxster, a further recline puts the headrest in contact with the roll bar, and the squeaking and rubbing is really annoying -- a clear design flaw. If you can live with the recline in the Cayman and you'll be the usual driver of the car, I'd skip the electric seats. They're another phenomenal waste of money, like automatic climate control. Electric seats should be standard in a car of this price and $1550 for this option makes it even more ridiculous.

    Re: Boxster Order: Power Seat vs. Manual?

    Thanks. I guess its just a matter in getting in a showroom Boxster or Cayman and fiddling with the seat adjustment until I can get it just right. Then see if the makes enough leg room and enough seatback recline. At 6'4" I'm on the outer edge of fitting comfortably into a Boxster or Cayman. I owned an earlier Boxster 986 and find that actually the 987 and Cayman "feel" bigger inside (probably an illusion) and the legroom situation doesn't seem quite as bad as in the earlier cars. I may ultimately need to stick with the 997 (poor me!) because the seat travels back an inch or two farther than the Boxster/Cayman seat. Life is full of tough choices! Thanks again.



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