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    Turbo lag

    I've just read one of your posts on he Cayenne board where you mention turbo lag for the Cayenne Turbo.
    But I thought that the whole point of twin turbos was to avoid that
    Do you feel turbo lag in the 996 Turbo too?
    I remember when I tried the GT2, there was a kick in the butt passed about 2500 (3000 can't remember, the rpm go up so quickly ) rpm, don't know if that was just an impression or if that's what you call turbo lag but it felt great
    Must be a bit tricky to deal with turbo lag in the middle of cornering though
    Turbo owners, let me know,

    Re: Turbo lag

    The Cayenne Turbo has a Tiptronic, don't forget that. And there is no real serious turbo lag but I'll explain it later on the Cayenne Board.

    Regarding the 996 Turbo: yes, there is a turbo lag at low rev but people usually don't feel it or are not aware of.
    But don't get me wrong: this is no serious turbo lag like on Turbo Diesel engines or like on the "old" turbo engines (Fiat Uno Turbo, Lancia Delta HF Integrale, Opel Calibra Turbo, etc.). Most people aren't even aware of it on the 996 Turbo.

    Francois, I have the feeling that you're missing your 996 C4 Cab over there in London.

    BTW: did you ever drive a SLK 32 AMG? Might be the right car for you. It is fast (well, faster than your 996 C4 Cab on the straight line), it has automatic transmission (for congested city traffic) and it is small (good for parking).
    And after you finish your stay in London, you can go for one of those real sportscar babies...a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Ferrari 360 or a Porsche 996(7) Turbo or whatever. Or just get a nice Mercedes SL 600 for you. What do you think?

    Re: Turbo lag

    Actually I think that one of the main strenghts of the 996TT engine is that PAG was really able to develop a turbo engine that really feels like a big NA one with lots of torque.
    There is a slight lag very low in the rev band, and throttle response isn't razor sharp as a NA would be, but other than that they really did a marvellous job, especially since it really pulls also at higher rpms (it's possible to make a turbo engine feel lag free low in the rev band because of early turbo intervention, but usually this way you have an engine which lacks punch in the higher revs... Like some Audi turbocharged models).

    François if you want to know what turbo lag is, just drop to a Subaru dealer and take a test drive of the STI .
    (I do like this car very much though, esp. the recent restyling)

    Spot on Christian!

    You have no idea how much I miss my car or just driving in general.
    But between you and me there is really no point having a car in London, the traffic is so bad, much much worse than Paris.
    So forget about a car here.
    I am in the same situation than you, no more driving, maybe, once every two weeks if I'm lucky.
    But I keep the car because it'll sell better before the summer and also because it's nice to keep it.
    I can't see myself in the SL500 in Magny Cours next march although the C4C is far from perfect for this kind of exercice.
    SLK32? Humm, no don't think so.
    Haven't driven it so no criticism but all I read from the press about it was bad, massive power but crap handling...
    And anyway, as I said no point in London, which is weird considering the amount of Vanquish, Lambo Murci, and other exotics I see EVERY DAY in the west end!!!
    So, loads of time on Rennteam as you can see
    Dream car? Humm...
    Turbo, not exotic enough.
    360, humm, a bit too much... Image not perfect,
    Lambo Murci, humm, why not??? But a bit too much too but strong contender.
    575MM Manual Tubi fiorano kit, YES!!!
    Vanquish? YES YES YES
    I know, it's slowest of the list, but its just soooo beautiful and what a noise!!! but that price tag, humm, yes it's a dream car...



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