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    Electrical woes, Lights on won't crank, on charger

    Hi All,

    Been fiddling with my electrical system for a few days to get the top to work right, spoiler to come up, etc. All I've really done was fiddled with relays, checked voltages here and there, etc

    I've had a battery charger hooked up the whole time, to listen to the radio and run windows and top up in down with out running the battery. Despite this the battery has run down a couple time because the leads knocked off.

    This was the case this morning, turned the key and got the death rattle. Got the battery charging again. Later when I went to fire it up it behaved as if the clutch pedal was not in. Everything works, just the starter, doesn't evem try. (lights don't dim, nothing)

    Aside from the obvious, the clutch bypass switch, Is it just a coincidence that this is happening after I was fussing with a few relays? (it did start when I was done with my fiddling the day before)

    I guess my main question it could the car sitting on a charger for the better part of a weekend hose any thing important?

    Any suggestions appreciated!


    P.S.The last time this happen my computer under the seat...took a bath $$ replace and program

    Re: Electrical woes, Lights on won't crank, on charger

    Sorry to hear of your woes. What model / age / mileage are we talking about here? I'm assuming it's a 986?
    How did the 'bath' happen?

    Re: Electrical woes, Lights on won't crank, on charger

    If you are using a trickle charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter, they only work to keep a charged battery "topped off" while it's parked for extended periods, it will not charge a battery that's low, or keep it charged if you are putting a load on the battery, such as windows, top etc.
    How old is your battery? The problem may simply be a bad battery. My experience is that 3-4 years is maximum battery life on my Porsche. Your battery can be tested to see if it can "hold" a proper charge.

    Re: Electrical woes, Lights on won't crank, on charger

    You say the leads of the charger kept 'dropping off' - has this arced somewhere else in the vicinity of the battery and blown any fuses on other circuits, or damaged the ECU ?

    Suggest you close it all up, put the charger on for a few hours and try again.



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