I am considering a cayenne v8, and was wondering weather anyone had
heard anything about, or tried the manual shift?
I allready drove both the v6, and v8 tiptronic and actually felt that the new v6 had a "lighter" drive than the v8, and handled very briskly , with no consideranble difference, compared to the v8, we were quickly
doing 110 on small country roades, the ride was just great!
But I did, however notice the slight "hesitation" when shifting, and I just love handling a car by downshifting in manual during turns, etc..so
I am waiting to test the manual versions when my dealer gets it.

Anyone have any recommendations, info or experiences, with the manual gearbox on the cayenne, i would really like to hear
about it, as i havent seen any topics on this yet..its supposedly faster in acelleration as well!