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    RS on track part 2 (video)

    Hi all!
    Sunday at Monza we had another beautyfull trackday, sun shining, decent temperature and a lot of horses waiting to be unleashed!

    I don't know if I've stressed this point enough: BOY THIS THING FLYES!!!

    I had a goal for the day of going under 2.14 secs.
    As soon as I saw that the part going from La Roggia to the first of the Lesmo curves was still a bit wet I knew it wouldn't happen in these rounds...

    I had installed a lap timer so I could keep track of my procedings.

    From the first rounds I tried to adopt very clean lines and to be smooth (not my style usually ), but tried to gain a few metres on the braking points and went on the throttle a bit earlier than before.
    The RS was behaving very well, with the usual eagerness to turn in, that I would enhance by braking late and staying on the brake even on turn in.This is imho very important to really obtain 110% from a 911 on track, you have to enter even the faster corners when braking very late with a bit of brake still applied, this gets the front to enter even if you are going at a speed you thought too high for that corner, than as you know the tail will try to come around, and that is the balancing act you have to do more with the throttle than with steering inputs.
    The RS really drives like an authentic 911, and soon I found myself getting very fast in, and then settled in a mild oversteery motion that wasn't actually a slide.
    Then I gave a look at the laptimer, and couldn't believe my eyes, I had performed a best of 2.12.01! I was really impressed (and so was my passenger!).

    In the afternoon I met a friend who is a professional race driver and also works as development driver for Pirelli.
    I had him try the RS for a couple of laps (he races an RS race car usually) and he was amazed by the turn in and overall feel of the car, he didn't want to go back to the pits!!
    I then swapped and drove a couple of laps with him as passenger, even though there was very heavy traffic I was still able to better my time and ended with a scarcely believable 2.11.56 (even my friend was amazed) on a lap during which a Modena had me slow down after the prima variante.

    We had so much fun during the whole day, MaxT was also able to better his best time and finished with an impressive 2.14.03 (not bad for a guy used to front engined tail happy sedans... ).
    Dario, was also present with his stunning aerokitted beast.

    Unfortunately I didn't get the best laps on video, but I was able to film one warm up lap followed by a decent clean one.
    Here is the link, enjoy:

    Tomorrow I'm going to install the europipe exhaust/cat system.Can't wait to finally hear it sing...

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Very nice video Luigi!
    Thank you man! I enjoyed it.

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)


    That is one mean car. Awesome clip thanks

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Luigi...Be sure to post a vid/sound clip with the EP installed...I am dying to hear your customized one. Mine will be shipped to the US this Friday...Can't wait!!!

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Excellent posr, Luigi. Thanks for shaing!

    I meant excellent "post" - typo...

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    I enjoyed the back seat trip around Monza!!! Just curious, what speeds were you hitting in 5th gear???

    Re: I meant excellent "post" - typo...

    I concur, excellent post! Outstanding post! You are a credit to rennteam.

    Fun Fun Fun Fun !!!

    That was great Luigi!

    I cannot wait to see a full lap at speed. You already seem to be completely at home in the car.

    Tell me Luigi, what is the procedure to use Monza? Do you need a racing license? Can anyone drive up and use it similar to the Nürburgring?

    With winter upon us, there are many Ringers who need a new venue.


    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Thanks so much for this post. It was fantastic!

    Re: Fun Fun Fun Fun !!!

    Tell me Luigi, what is the procedure to use Monza? Do you need a racing license? Can anyone drive up and use it similar to the Nürburgring?

    With winter upon us, there are many Ringers who need a new venue.

    yep, i'm interested as well...

    rapporto e video eccellenti, luigi
    thanks a lot

    a next time, please provide the audio track as well

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    That was truly one of the coolest videos i've ever seen ...makes me long for a better car(not that i can afford one)

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Luigi, why did you have to do that to me?
    Now I really feel sorry I ordered a Cayenne Turbo today.

    BTW, some good news for GT3 RS owners: apparently Porsche decided to really produce only 500 GT3 RS worldwide.
    My german dealer got his last car assigned, no more GT3 RS for Germany (only 200 cars were apparently available).
    So enjoy your GT3 RS cars and keep them forever. They're already a classic. Congratulations Luigi and Sönke, you bought yourself a hell of a Porsche.

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Thanks guys!
    I'm glad you apreciated the vid...
    Tomorrow I'll install the exhaust, and I'll let you know the impressions.
    Saturday and sunday I'll be at Varano race track and I hope I can do some videos there too, to show you how the RS behaves on a very tight and twisty track.

    There is no need for a racing license to enter Monza, but trackdays are not held very often so some planning is needed.
    E-mail me if you need any additional info.

    Christian: You bought yourself a hell of a vehicle, congrats and I'm sure it will satisfy your need for speed until you are ready to come back to a sports car.Until then, I'm glad that my reports help keep the fire alive...

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Now I really feel sorry I ordered a Cayenne Turbo today

    I guess congratulations is in order RC

    Good choice

    Truely, after seeing so many Cayennes in California I'm kind of tempted too . But have to wait and see if Santa will bring me a Cayenne or wants me to stick to my 911 for Xmas

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    Congratulations Luigi and Sönke, you bought yourself a hell of a Porsche.

    ... and congrats to you!

    it's hell of a fleet at rennteam

    btw, my dealer installed the full clubsport package (full cage, fire extinguisher, 6point harness) yesterday. man, this car is serious!

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    which Codec do I need? I have never had problems watching video-files, but this one won't work ...

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)

    which Codec do I need? I have never had problems watching video-files, but this one won't work ...

    Its a .wmv so Windows Media Player 9 should open it without the need of any special codecs.

    Re: RS on track part 2 (video)


    Merry Christmas and thank you for your great driving report.

    You must be a very self-confident driver to test the performance of the car like the way you do in the early stage of a car-relationship... (close to a semi-professional... )

    I can't remember who said that to me, but somebody claims that the GT3 RS is a little less "nervous" than the normal GT3?
    What is your experience?




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